Costumes for the New Year: how to be creative?

New Year's holiday will not be a celebration, if it is not complemented by various traditions, games and ... clothes. Usually, New Year's costumes are sewn or bought by parents for children, and they completely forget about how exciting it is to feel like a Snow Maiden, a clumsy bear, or a symbol of the coming year. So why not remember this?

Costumes for the New Year for adults

Unusual outfit - this is not some kind of innovation. A few centuries ago, the nobles arranged costumed balls, even without a festive occasion, but solely in order to have fun. Well, the original costumes for the New Year were welcomed especially. Moreover, women for whom the ability to sew was considered mandatory, could create New Year's costumes for a party with their own hands.

Today, these outfits have not lost their relevance. Training can be of varying degrees of complexity, so you need to realistically assess your capabilities.But even if you can only buy a mask of some animal or hero - it will already bring a fairy element in the upcoming holiday.

Those who are with a needle and thread on "you" can either find the ready-made patterns, or draw them on their own for the future masquerade.

Holiday outfits can be rented or dropped in specialty stores, where there are always outfits for adults for the New Year - Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Superman or Superwoman are relevant at any holiday and in any company. If the costumes for the New Year for adults with their own hands do not work, then this option is most convenient.

Funny Christmas costumes 2015

An interesting outfit with a certain zest will lift the mood not only to the owner, but also to others.

You can even turn a serious outfit into a funny and cheerful one with the help of:

  • special makeup;
  • fun fabric colors;
  • additional strokes in the form of various accessories.

If you want to create funny New Year's costumes with your own hands, and no ideas come to mind, then you can look at the options on the photo and borrow some idea. For example, come in the guise of Little Red Riding Hood and the mask of a wolf.

New Year's costume for a corporate party with their own hands

Corporate - is a special level of masquerade.Even if something humorous is planned, it is necessary to observe gradation in the selection of attire. The chief cannot dress up as Little Red Riding Hood, as it is, Superman is banal, Santa Claus is not original. But if the boss has a full sense of humor, then he can easily afford a New Year's costume in the style of the Boy-s-finger or the Lamb of the Seven Goats. Subordinates in this case should show special tact and intuition, so as not to repeat the outfit, which was chosen by the leadership.

And finally: the original outfit for the New Year 2015 - what is it?

Any outfits can be original, even if the costumes of animals are Goats or Sheep. Creating a costume for the New Year do-it-yourself for adults, you should remember a few simple "no." Dresses should be nepryazhim, not banal, gloomy, unique. That is, New Year's outfits should convey the personality of the owner, demonstrate his sharp wit, ability to joke, sense of style and advantages of the figure.

New Year's adult costumes can be very spectacular, and New Year's outfits for adults, made with their own hands, are doubly effective.

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