Controversial trend: belt bags

Waist bag with sequins

As they say, let's get the party started! Yes, and with free hands! Something tells us that such club sash bags encourage us to learn new crazy dances and have fun, like in childhood!

Skinnydip belt bag with sequins

Bag for a Skinnydip belt with sequins (1 463 rub.)

Faux Fur Belt Bag

Still, Topshop, like no other, can produce extraordinary things: this bag looks like a monster toy from some cartoon from a distance and requires a gentle attitude and daily stroking.

Faux Fur Topshop Waist Bag

Faux Fur Topshop Belt Bag (£ 18)

Black leather belt bag

If the waist bag has business reincarnation, then it looks something like this - as a transformer accessory made of black leather that can be worn either on the shoulder or on the belt itself.

Black leather Zara belt bag

Black leather Zara belt bag (1 999 rub.)

Printed Waist Bag

To tell the truth, bags with drawings rarely come out stylish, unless we are talking about sports accessories. Here's a good example, when a fancy print does not cheat the bag, but makes it attractive and unlike the others.

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