Constellations for children

We make constellations with our own hands. Constellations for children - a theme that stimulates the work of imagination, developing the imagination and breadth of their thinking. It directs the thoughts of babies to distant outer space and allows you to better understand

how our ancestors perceived the world, which gave the constellations interesting names.

In order to study various combinations of stars and remember what they are called, you can spend an interesting and unusual occupation, which will contribute to the development of oral memory and improve finger dexterity.

 constellation layout

constellation layout

For this you need i:

picture book with images of constellations or their photos. Well, if each constellation is accompanied by a brief description or an interesting story related to its discovery.

A star chart.

 space for children

space for children

  • one-time packages from prepackaged goods (fruit, confectionery). They can be of different colors, most often yellow or white.If desired, they can be painted black or dark purple - for maximum resemblance to the night sky. If there are no such packages, you can use plain cardboard, sufficiently dense, or felt
  • yarn for knitting in contrast with color packs. It should be thick enough, but well twisted, to make it easier for the child to work.
  • awl.
  • a crochet hook or large needle.
Making constellations

Making constellations

small paper rectangles (labels) and markers.

At the beginning of the lesson we will tell the kids , that the stars attracted the attention of a man a long time ago. Particularly interested in them were those who, due to the nature of their activities, had to spend a lot of time under the open night sky - travelers, seafarers, and military.

Becoming involuntary witnesses of the night sky, these people began to notice that combinations of stars in the sky gradually changing their position, and certain stars light up earlier than others.

Having made sure that these phenomena are not accidental, people began to trust the stars more and more, checking with them the direction of their movement and determining the time.For convenience, certain groups of stars began to be given names, while proceeding from the fact that these combinations resembled the most. So the names of the constellations appeared. At the same time there are about ninety constellations, and most of the names for them were invented more than four and a half thousand years ago.

Then we will look at the images of the constellations, read their names and think about how they appeared. It is desirable to focus on the constellation group, which is found in the region where the baby lives. You can tell what is conventionally divided into the northern and southern hemispheres, and each of them is characterized by its own pattern of stars.

Getting down to the practical part:

We will place inside our packing a point in such a way to replicate the stars in the constellation. At the same time, we carefully look at the picture.

Carefully pierce points with an awl.

We will stretch the thread through the points using a hook (picking up the thread from the inside) or a needle, inserting the end of the thread into it. as if an embroidered constellation contour.

 constellations for children 1

constellations for children 1

constellations for children 2

 constellations for children 3

constellations for children 3

 constellations for children 4

constellations for children 4

We write on the label the name of the constellation and fix it in the corner.

Now m zhno find the constellation embroidered on the star chart and determine which hemisphere you can see it.

Cosmos children become closer when they have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in their lives. The classic way to make space for children more accessible is to look at the night starry sky and find familiar constellations in it. To do this, you can take a night walk or just go to the balcony - the impressions of such a lesson will remain in the baby’s memory for a long time.

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