Congratulations on the Day of the accountant team in verse and prose. How nice and respectful to congratulate colleagues, women and men on the Day of Accountant

DB-001In the third decade of November in Russia beautiful, kind and touching congratulations on the Day of the accountant receive more than 3.5 million men and women. On the eve of a professional celebration, officials and representatives of the top management commemorate labor collectives and, in respectful prose phrases, thank the accountants for their attentiveness, responsibility and scrupulousness in summing up balance sheets and drawing up financial reports. Colleagues say good words to colleagues and the chief accountant, and close friends working in the accounting department devote each other cool and humorous short poems, allowing you to look at a serious profession with a smile and a drop of good humor.

Congratulations to the chief accountant on the Day of the accountant - beautiful poems

To congratulate the chief accountant on the professional holiday - Day of the accountant - you need to pick up very beautiful, touching and inspired solemn verses. To make the words sound especially respectful and make the proper impression, it is best to memorize them, and then at the right time to recite it out loud in the presence of the entire workforce. Such congratulations will be equally well received by both men and women, and the atmosphere in the workplace will become warmer, softer and more soulful. If a long rhymed work is chosen, then each couplet can be read by an individual employee. This will give a congratulatory speech an element of the show and turn an ordinary industrial holiday into a bright, memorable event that will bring participants a lot of positive emotions and will lift everyone's mood, from the cleaning lady to the general director of the company, not to mention the heroes of the occasion - the accountants themselves.



Our chief accountant, we are proud
And to be similar we aspire!
Our chief accountant is very clever,
And in numbers everybody knows a lot!
He will make his calculation,
Calmly and without further ado!
He will sign all slowly,
Paper carefully rustling!
We wish you all:
Comfort let it be warm
And from people - always good,
Everything in life will be fine!


Man you are golden,
Our accountant is in charge!
Let fate be your hand
Remove the hedges!

On Accountant Day, On Your Day
I wish you happiness!
And let there be a lot of scenes
Very important for you!


One, two, three, four, five.
Glavbucha will congratulate!
For all of us, it's not a secret for a long time:
You are the most important person!

Without your golden visa
The company is panic, simple.
Salaries are you, purchases are you:
Priceless main works!

We wish you to strictly in a row
The numbers were all
So that with a plus the minus lived amicably,
And the debit with the loan was friends.

We also want to wish you
Health on one hundred twenty five
Interest we have in mind).
And we will help what we can.

We feel bad. Excuse me!
And you will spend - call!

Congratulations to colleagues women with the Day of the accountant in prose


For the colleagues of women on the Day of the accountant it is worth preparing beautiful, solid and respectful greetings in prose. On the eve of a professional holiday, thank your fellow workers for their dedication to work and responsible attitude to business.Say that you are very proud of them as highly qualified specialists and always feel their friendly support and help. To hear such simple, but very sincere words, uttered with an open mind and with a pure heart, the accountants will be very flattering and pleasant. do not forget to add touching phrases warm and sincere wishes of good health, family happiness, financial well-being, career growth, loyal bosses and not very picky auditors. These pleasant speeches will be an excellent end to the festive part of the festivities, and after that you can safely move on to a cozy buffet or tea party in a narrow purely accounting circle.


Congratulations to dear accountants of our native team on their professional Day! I wish quick and easy information of all kinds of balances, tables and calculations, as well as successes in the service field, and in off-site life! And let prosperity, health and happiness be applied!


On the day of the accountant, I congratulate colleagues, the best professionals and pedants in my business on their professional holiday! I sincerely thank you for your hard, daily work, ensuring the unshakable success of our organization. Health to you, good luck, fast and faithful balance in the reports!


My dear accountants! Let the work present original gifts and pleasant surprises, and in your office calmness, friendship reigns, the smell of aromatic coffee and delicious sweets hovers. Let the salary grow fast and unrestrainedly, and leave will be optional at least three times a year.

Congratulations in prose with the Day of the accountant man


Man with the Day of the accountant is best congratulated solid, serious and solemn phrases in prose. The culprit of the identity on the eve of his professional holiday should feel how highly his colleagues and management value him, how respectful the younger generation treats him and how sincerely all members of the workforce love him. It is desirable that a few good words addressed to the accountant should be said by each of the employees, because neither this company nor the largest international corporation can live without this person. To reduce debit with a loan, not to miss a single figure in the calculations, not to confuse anything and to hand over a quarterly report in due time - all these actions require attention, concentration and careful planning. Not everyone is able to cope with such a responsible and painstaking work, but for an accountant this is a very ordinary, everyday activity that he always performs scrupulously,worthy and flawless.


On the Day of the Accountant of Russia, I wish a remarkable man and a good accountant not to lose perseverance, endurance and morale. Let the balance be not only at work, but also in life, may there be happiness and comfort in the house, let them be good friends, let them be true accounts.


I congratulate you on my own behalf and on all the employees of our company on your professional holiday. I wish that your work does not seem monotonous and boring, so that you can easily cope with the tasks and achieve the highest results. Let in your life there will be more reasons for sincere joy and happiness, and work always brings pleasure.


Today in Russia there is a wonderful holiday with which I want to congratulate you. Being an accountant is quite difficult, because you have to work with a huge amount of information in which accuracy is very important. Reports, bills, salaries, expenses, incomes - all this is on you! And as soon as you manage all this? Today, on your professional holiday, I want to wish you not to lose your focus and attentiveness.Always remain such a confident and practical man, because these qualities will lead to success.

Official congratulations on the Day of the accountant for the working team


Officially to greet the team with the Day of the accountant is the leadership of each private or budgetary enterprise, company or company. After all, there is bookkeeping everywhere and under the hour it is from this small department that the prosperity and well-being of the whole organization depends. On the eve of a professional holiday, it makes sense to pay tribute to the bookkeepers and thank them for the attention and responsibility with which they approach their difficult, but important and necessary business for all. The solemn words spoken by the director, his deputy, or someone from federal and municipal officials will show the heroes of the occasion how important their profession is for society and how highly executives value their work. To respectful, solid speeches, it is desirable to add a few kind words from myself personally and wish the accountants that the balance always converges, the tax inspectorate does not bother with their heightened attention, wages grow, and leave provided at the first demand and only in the best time of the year.Such simple, sincere phrases will slightly reduce the degree of formality and make the holiday atmosphere more informal and soulful.


Today is a professional holiday at accountants! Initially, this profession was male, however, women have already successfully mastered it for a long time, and, as a rule, accounting is a female collective! I sincerely wish the lovely ladies love, beauty, family well-being, career growth and income growth! Let your balances always be reduced easily, and all mistakes are quickly eliminated! Be happy!


Dear our accountants! Please accept my sincere congratulations on your professional holiday! Frankly, our enterprise cannot do without your work. Thanks to you, financial statements are always in order! I wish you good health, good luck! Prosperity and all the best!


Congratulations on the holiday today to our highly respected accountants! You are, without doubt, excellent staff and competent professionals. You skillfully add debit to credit, displaying the correct balance. Let your life - it's not just figures, financial reports and piles of papers. Let you have enough time for personal needs,to meet friends, for a warm family vacation. And at work we wish to achieve career lines for a worthy reward!

Congratulations on the Day of the accountant - cool short poems


Beautiful and respectful official congratulations on the Day of the Accountant in prose, it is appropriate to devote to the chief accountant-man or a respectable woman, and to greet good friends, colleagues, acquaintances and friends working in a friendly accounting team with short and funny poems. Ladies with a good sense of humor will perfectly perceive cheerful rhymed lines and will not miss a chance to laugh kindly at some of the features of their exceptionally serious, necessary and important profession. The main thing is not to go over in jokes to the individual and not to abuse scathing sarcasm. The quatrains should make everyone want to smile sincerely, but in no case should they put someone present in a bad light.


Spit on the report today,
Debit, credit and offset.

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