Congratulations on Easter 2017 - short sms and beautiful texts in verses and prose in Russian and Ukrainian. How to congratulate friends on Easter Day - funny and funny congratulations on a holiday

PP-001The best congratulations on Easter 2017 are short beautiful and inspired texts in Russian and Ukrainian languages, which it is appropriate to dedicate to people of any age, gender and social status. For the older generation, words in prose are more suitable, filled with joyful, sincere, kind, optimistic and solemn meaning. Middle-aged people will like the touching and sublime phrases in verses, praising Jesus and promising the grace of God to all believers.Young people will like funny, funny and funny quatrains, which are pleasant to recite aloud, send as SMS messages, write on a themed postcard or use for posting on a personal page on the social network. Below you will find congratulations on Easter for all tastes and on a festive day, please with the kind words of your relatives, friends, relatives and simply acquaintances.

Short beautiful congratulations on Easter 2017 in prose for relatives

For the closest people, parents, grandparents and older friends, you need to prepare short, very gentle and beautiful congratulations on the Easter of Christ in prose. Words must be absolutely sincere, exalted and fully reflect the attitude of the person who wishes to those dear to his heart. The warmer and more profound the text sounds, the better it will be perceived by relatives. After all, older people are much more important than any material goods and gifts, attention and care from young people. And Bright Sunday is the most opportune moment to express your best feelings, demonstrate love and emphasize how valuable the spiritual connection between generations is and how important it is to preserve it for future descendants.Do not be afraid that the text will turn out somewhat pretentious and pompous. No one has ever been offended at the pleasant words and good wishes, especially at the time of one of the most significant Orthodox holidays.



Christ is risen! Congratulations on this wonderful holiday, my dear and beloved. Let your life be filled with the joy with which the whole Christian world celebrates Easter. I wish you to be surrounded by kind and bright people who made your life interesting and joyful.


Christ is risen! May the bright light of this great holiday illuminate the whole world today, give hope, joy and happiness to people. And let today and always your soul sparkles with faith, thoughts with good, and your heart with love.


On a bright Easter, I want to wish you that the house is filled with warmth and comfort, life with love and happiness, and your relatives are always healthy. Let your life be exactly the way you want it to be, and minor disappointments will only be a stepping stone to a wonderful future.

Touching and beautiful short greetings on Easter 2017 for friends and relatives


It is appropriate to congratulate friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues on Easter Day with Christ's beautiful and touching poem.If there is a desire to do it personally, you need to find the appropriate text, memorize it, and then at the right moment to recite out loud to those who want to please. At work, this can be done during the break and at the time of the thematic party, and at home - to coincide with the solemn Easter dinner, when the whole family gathers for a festive meal at the table.

For dear people living in other cities and countries, you can write beautiful lines of poetic congratulations on bright postcards, add them with the most sincere, kind and touching wishes, pack in an envelope and send by mail. It will be very pleasant and flattering for those close and familiar to receive such tender and touching news from you on the day of Bright Sunday of Christ. In this way, you will show attention to your non-resident relatives and friends and show that, despite the distance, the memory of them always lives in your heart. This will give your relationships a soulfulness and make them more reliable and strong.


Bright holiday of Sunday
Joy flows to us from heaven.
Happy Easter,
We say: "Christ is risen!"


Happy Easter to all friends!
Wishing you joy and happiness.
All health, good news
And God bless you from misery.


Christ is risen! Christ is risen!
From the earth rushes to heaven.
And on the day of Holy Sunday
Congratulations on Easter.

Good short congratulations on Easter in Ukrainian


If you have relatives in Ukraine, congratulate them on the wonderful Easter holiday in the Ukrainian language. Every person will be very pleased to hear welcoming words in their own language on such a significant day. By the way, memorizing Ukrainian greetings will have no difficulty. The language belongs to the category of Slavic and in many ways has the strongest similarity with Russian.

Would you like to congratulate your family and friends in writing? Please take advantage of the following short poems, rewrite them to a beautiful themed postcard and send to dear people by mail. Just do not forget to add congratulatory words with kind, inspirational and touching wishes. They can first be written in Russian, and then translated using any online translator.In this way, you will show how you love and appreciate your acquaintances and friends, and also demonstrate respect for the state language of another country. Such an exquisite gesture will not be left without attention and will affect relations in the most favorable way.

Short congratulations on Easter in the verse and prose in Ukrainian


On the day of the Great Blowing
In the middle of my heart, I am.
Hai is alive and well
Happy all your smіya.

God's grace is great
View znevіr’ya save.
Purity in the heart and soul
Bring a sacred day.

Dzvіn church early vrantsі
Hai wake you up.
Із теплолом і добротою
You enter qiu spring.


Shiro I vіtayu you from the Great!

Negay tse great magnitude to remind the heart svitlimi nadії і love, daruch schastya ta good. I give you joy, health, well-being and wellbeing. Christ is risen!


W Great Day! Hai Christ you oberyoga,
Star radish nehai skin syaga кож.
Bo sogodnі sv_tle holy dzvoni spovіschayut,
To be in good mood, yangoli spivayut!

Hai zavzhdi i kozhnі s sovi God helps you,
Hai pribude u donkey, the wisdom osyava,
Hail grace and heaven,
Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

Short optimistic SMS greetings on Easter 2017 for all


When the social circle is wide and extensive, to personally greet everyone on a holiday simply will not work due to such an objective circumstance as the absence of the necessary amount of free time. And here short, bright and optimistic SMS greetings on Easter will become a real lifesaver. They can be sent to the phones even to people with whom there is no too close relationship and constant contact. If in the list of your mobile all the numbers are divided into groups, it is worth taking a few different short poems and do something like a general mailing. For example, it is appropriate for colleagues to send funny and joyful rhymed lines, to neighbors something kind and touching, and to customers - more solid, succinct and solemn phrases. It will not take much time, but none of the people whom you somehow know will feel forgotten on the day of Holy Sunday of Christ.


Happy Easter, congratulations.
I want strong health.
Live without need, without misfortune
In love and happiness for many years!


Celebration of happiness illuminates
Bright light comes from heaven.
We heartily congratulate you!
All good! Christ is risen!


Christ is risen! I praise him today.
I wish you all warmth and kindness,
Health, happiness, peace and good luck.
Let the Lord keep you from trouble.

Funny short greetings from Easter 2017 for friends


In the youth it is customary to celebrate merrily and with humor even the most serious and respectable holidays. Therefore, as a congratulation on Easter for their young and frivolous friends, you need to find funny short rhymes that in a free and intelligible form will convey the idea and the main meaning of a beautiful, kind and bright celebration. Greetings such a plan can be sent to friends on the phone, and for greater clarity, provide more and a beautiful thematic picture. In addition, funny greetings should be placed on personal pages or in popular youth groups, in a large number available in all top social networks. Thus, the festive atmosphere and high spirits will permeate from real life to virtual life and help today's young people become better acquainted with the ancient religious traditions of Orthodoxy and Christianity.


Easter came to visit -
Let's get to the heap!
On the table, the cake is sparkling -
Smooth side attracts.

Not for nothing is open Cahors -
To have a heartfelt conversation
Long this holiday lasted,
Everyone is keen to celebrate!


Bloomed gardens around,
Pulls in the field and on the meadow
Birds sing songs,
Easter red name is!

She krashanki bears,
Distributes to all the kids
Knock the little girls soon
Become 100 times more fun!


The post made you lose weight
Do not look at the sausage,
On sour cream and cottage cheese,
But he is very dear to us!

But Easter came to the rescue,
Post passed, hello, sausage,
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Easter is happy to meet you!

Fervent and funny greetings for Easter 2017 - short poems for relatives and friends


Despite the fact that Easter is an exclusively religious holiday, its main meaning boils down to joy, praise of life and admiration of the miracles of the Lord. On this day, you cannot be gloomy and sullen, get annoyed about it and without it, let the negative in your heart and experience some unpleasant feelings. Even congratulations on Easter should sound inspired and inspire everyone with their optimistic content.

Reckless, funny and humorous holiday greetings are appropriate on this day, urging everyone to praise the Bright Sunday of Christ and the divine rebirth of Jesus for eternal life. Of course, such greetings may seem a bit strange and even provocative to the older generation, but young people and middle-aged people will take them absolutely normal and will be pleased with the additional opportunity to smile, laugh and get fireworks of bright positive emotions.


Easter means to paint eggs
Once again in a hurry honest people.

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