Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst in Fatal Temptation

What unites the famous heroines of Sophia Coppola - Charlotte from “Lost in Translation”, sisters from “Virgin Suicides” and even Marie-Antoinette? All of them are locked in certain circumstances. Here and in the new film director, we will meet with the inhabitants of a closed boarding house for girls, which is safely hidden from the outside world in the forests of Virginia, while there is a US Civil War ...

The Beguiled tape, which was named “Fatal Temptation” in our box office, was filmed based on the novel by Thomas Cullinen and tells how once the rest of the pension was disturbed by a northerner soldier who was wounded and asked for help and shelter. The poor guy would know, judging by the trailer, what awaits him - it would be better to prefer to return to war. But let's not spoil, we add only that, in addition to the intriguing dramatic plot, we are in for a perfect star cast: Colin Farrell played a soldier,and the roles of the fatal temptation of the beauties who took him prisoner were shared by Nicole Kidman (director of the boarding house), Kirsten Dunst (teacher), El Fanning (pupil). In hire with July 27.

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