Cloak - fashionable thing for the autumn wardrobe

The summer heat is outside, and everyone is thinking only about the sea ... But autumn is not far off, so now you should think about outerwear, which not only protects you from rain, but also creates a unique feminine image. This is a raincoat - a convenient and practical thing that will favorably emphasize all the advantages of your figure. You do not know how to choose the right model so that it really decorates you? Then read this article, take our advice and go to the shops to search for this item of clothing that fits you in all respects. And we wish you good luck in this difficult, but pleasant business!

Double-breasted, classic and short

To get started is to understand the types of this modern decoration.

  1. Trenchcoat (trench) - the most common style. It is a double-breasted buttoned look with a large turn-down collar, shoulder straps, buckles on the sleeves and a wide belt. On the back is a slot.For its manufacture uses waterproof material. Trench is a universal style that fits almost everything. It emphasizes the waist and visually makes a slimmer silhouette.
  2. English raincoat - a direct variation, made in the classical style. It is decorated with a small closed collar, made in the form of a rack, cut pockets with valves or leaves, pats on the sleeves. A slit or a counter fold can be made on the backrest.

This kind is suitable for business women, who love a conservative style. It goes well with strict things and is a great addition to an office suit.

  1. A cape with a cape is a model with a cape on the shoulders, a little less than the waist. According to the style there are trench coats or a classic version.
  2. Shortened thighs are double-breasted or single-breasted with large turn-down collars and a belt. There are also short styles, reaching to the waist.
  3. A “trapezium” is a medium-length cloak with short or regular sleeves. Often the collar is presented in the form of a stand. Goes well with tight pants.
  4. Cloak-coat - option without fastener, with the smell. Can be decorated with a shawl collar.Perfectly in harmony with tight jeans or pants, goes well with shorts or dresses.

We select the style by type of figure

Now we will give general recommendations, thanks to which you can understand to whom which model is best suited.

  • Slender girls look great in any style, but especially they are good in trench coat or English classics. Such silhouettes add to the image of elegance and sexuality.
  • Short ladies do not go long models with large collars and pockets that simply "absorb" the figure. In this case, the ideal for them will be a variation up to the knee length or higher, without large parts, but with a belt. Also these beauties are suitable raincoats "trapezium" with short sleeves.
  • Women with wide hips can be advised flared appearance of this coat knee length. Also it will look great on them classic straight model without a belt, made in dark colors. It will visually hide the fullness and add harmony. With such a build, it is worth refusing to purchase this item of clothing with patch pockets that add extra volume.
  • On the high lush girls will look beautiful long semi-fitted options with flared bottom. An additional effect will give the image wide sleeves.
  • Slender prelestnitsam suit with a cape. Also, this model can be advised to beauties with small breasts, as it favorably emphasizes the decollete area.

Stylish combinations

Now let's figure out what is the best way to wear this trendy outerwear.

  1. If you decide to purchase a leather cloak, then it's better to choose the light colors, which will make your image more feminine and attractive. Unusually stylish with this style will look a tight-fitting turtleneck with a pencil skirt and narrow boots with heels.
  2. The shortened models, reaching to the hips, will suit any type of women. The main thing is to choose the right bottom. They are perfectly combined with jeans of different styles, narrow or flared skirts, straight trousers. Just do not combine them with wide pants and skirts "maxi".
  3. If you can not imagine your life without jeans, then we offer you an unusually stylish option. You put on a white T-shirt or a thin turtleneck with your favorite pants, on top a black trench coat, and on your feet - ankle boots with a small heel. And complete this trend look fashionable kepi.
  4. Trench versatile and combined with almost any clothing and shoes. In a business suit and stiletto heels you will also look spectacular, as in a mini-skirt with ankle boots.
  5. A long raincoat is worn only with shoes with low heels or without them. Under the short version of this outerwear fit high boots. If your choice fell on a model of medium length, then under it you should look for beautiful ankle boots or boots with a low shin. In warm weather, ballet flats and shoes will look good.
  6. You can decorate this outerwear with a beautiful scarf or handkerchief, choosing them to match the tone or, on the contrary, create a bright accent by choosing a contrasting color.
  7. If you plan to wear this piece of clothing in the unbuttoned form, then pick up clothes that are combined with a raincoat, so as not to spoil the impression of the general ensemble.

When choosing a raincoat, consider your color preferences and parameters. A well-chosen variation will not only emphasize your charisma, but also add charm and sexuality to you.

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