Christmas vytynanka 2018 for the year of the Dog

New Year's holidays - the most joyful winter time. It is during this period that we decorate the house, prepare refreshments, give presents to each other. The most beloved and perhaps the most democratic New Year decorations are carved snowflakes from paper, which can be made by the whole family, and then hung on windows and walls. collecting whole snow garlands.

Vytynanki - the art of cutting out of paper. These are amazing pictures, this art originated a long time ago ... They can even include the well-known snowflakes with which we decorate our windows for the New Year. It is also a hand-made postcard. Vytynanki - very exciting experience, beautiful, unusual and amazing! It is necessary to fold the paper in half, apply the pattern and cut through the details, and when you open the folded sheet, you will get a symmetrical pattern.

Making a woman will take some time and patience, but the result will exceed all expectations. Fabulous dogs will lodge on the windows of your cozy home as a symbol of the year 2018, and the snowmen will dance around the trees, and Santa Claus will go by reindeer sleigh.

Vytnanki Year Dogs 2018

You can do all the presented patterns yourself, after having printed the pictures on the printer, if you need large dimensions, zoom in before printing.

How to make a new year vytynanka?

Before you make a Christmas hat, select the appropriate pictures, save them on your computer, and then print. If you need larger images, increase its scale before printing.

For the work we need:

  • template;
  • stationery knife;
  • white paper A-4;
  • colored cardboard;
  • a cutting mat (self-healing mat) or a piece of plywood;
  • PVA glue.

First of all, we select the drawing-template which you like most (there is a very large selection on the Internet). For starters, it is better to take a template easier. The template must be printed on the printer. The template can also be taken from the coloring.

Then carefully cut out the contours. Do not forget to put a cutting mat or plywood under it. When cutting straight lines, you can use a ruler, it will be smoother and more beautiful. When cutting, hold a piece of paper with your hand so that you do not accidentally tear the pattern. Cut carefully and slowly, so as not to cut off the desired part. If this happened inadvertently, do not worry, the cut part can be glued with glue.For the Christmas tree all the same, only it is desirable to take on the thicker paper landscape.

After the picture is cut pick up the background. The background can be any color cardboard. Next, glue on your so-called appliqué.

Popular schemes of New Year's vytynok on the windows of 2018

You can cut out all these flowers with your own hands. To do this, print out the diagrams on the printer, if you need large sizes, you can enlarge the saved image before printing.

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