Christmas tree toy

The New Year is coming very soon - everyone's favorite holiday, regardless of age. Of course, on the eve of a magical night, we are in a special mood. We are happy to compile a festive menu, a list of guests and, of course, decorate the house. There are enough decorative elements on the shelves of stores, but what could be better than New Year decorations created by oneself. Today we offer you to sew a soft herringbone from the remnants of the fabric that will be found in every home. So, let's get started. You'll need to work:
  • Flaps of soft dark blue fabric.
  • The Blue Goat is the symbol of the coming year, then we will treat the hostess of the year with respect - we use her favorite color for the craft.
  • Scissors.
  • Threads in the tone.
  • Snowflakes, beads, bugles for the decor of our Christmas tree.
  • We take tailors' chalk or a dry wash of soap and draw half of our future Christmas tree.
  • We fold the fabric in half so that our drawing does not extend beyond the edges of the bottom layer.Pin two layers of fabric so that they do not move.
 A toy for a new year tree
Next, carefully cut out our product on the contour. After that, remove the pins, straighten the workpiece and fasten it to the second piece of material to duplicate it. Now you need to fasten both blanks face up to each other. We fasten them with pins along the main contours so that our Christmas trees do not move during the stitching process.
 Christmas tree toy
Getting to the main part - sewing parts on a sewing machine. For this, I chose the tapering stitch mode, but if your machine is not equipped with such a function, you can safely use a zigzag stitch or another, more familiar to you. We processed the entire workpiece so that we did not forget to leave a hole so that the Christmas tree could be turned out. I left a hole in the branch. We turn the Christmas tree on the front side.
 Christmas tree toy
Next, it's about printed material. In order not to spend money on materials, you can use ordinary cotton wool and even unnecessary patches.After filling the toy, carefully sew up a hole by hand, through which we stuffed our craft. Came the turn to decorate our beauty. Here you can dream up. Everything that is at hand, will fit for the decoration of the Christmas tree. I decided to decorate it with soft snowflakes and shiny beads from the old bracelet of my daughter. We do this with the help of an adhesive gun or sew it.  Christmas tree toy
A toy on a Christmas tree

That's what we did. For the loop you can use a narrow satin ribbon. In this case, blue tint. We cut the ribbon of the desired length and with the help of a needle and thread we fasten our loop on the craft itself. That's all! Our forest beauty is ready to take pride of place among New Year's souvenirs and handicrafts decorating your home!

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