Christmas Card with Christmas Tree

New Year's gift can be a real rebus for each of us. Sometimes it is so difficult to find the most suitable gift for your friends, relatives, relatives. But there are still situations when it seems that a gift has already been chosen, but something is missing to it. Flowers - somehow not very New Year's. Candy is too trite. The Christmas card is not bad, but it will not surprise you. How to be in such a situation? It is best to do something with their own hands. And the best option would be a handmade New Year card. Such a gift is very nice to receive, besides, it looks original. To get the job done, take: 1. The basis for the postcard is 15x15 cm dark green. 2. Cardboard green and red. 3. Design paper - 2 with a pattern, 1 green monophonic. 4. Decorative green ribbon with polka dots. 5. Decorative lace. 6. Colorful rhinestones. 7. Green button. 8. Double-sided adhesive tape. 9. Glue, scissors, pencil, ruler. We cut a square of 14x14 cm from light green cardboard.On the back side of the glue squares of double-sided scotch.  Christmas card with Christmas tree
Fastening the square on a dark green base in the center.
 Christmas card with a herringbone
Cut a square from red cardboard with dimensions 13x13 cm, also fasten with double-sided foam tape on top of a light green square in the center.
Christmas card with a herringbone
Cut off about 13.5-14 cm of decorative ribbon and glue on the left. We make a small ribbon bow and attach it to the bottom. You can attach a bow in another place to your discretion.
 Christmas card with Christmas tree
Cut out Christmas trees from designer paper. Their height should be about 7-9 cm, width 5-7 cm.
 Christmas card with a herringbone
For one of the Christmas trees we make a decorative element in the form of a button with a bow of cord.To do this, populate the lace on the button and tie a bow.
 Christmas card with Christmas tree
Then attach the element to the Christmas tree with glue.
 Christmas card with a herringbone
Now we will decorate the second herringbone, green. Take the cord, fix it on the back with glue and start wrapping the Christmas tree with it. You should also fix the lace at the bottom with glue.
 Christmas card with Christmas tree
Decorate the same Christmas tree with crystals of different colors.

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