Christmas ball decorated with snowmen

We will decorate the blank for the Christmas ball with five snowmen. Snowmen come from a palm print, so this is a great master class for joint work with children. A Christmas ball with a palm print Your child will decorate the New Year tree every year and will not give you warm memories in the future. On the ball, you can specify the year, name and age of the child and for each New Year to make a new ball with snowmen.

Materials and tools:

  1. Christmas-tree decoration;
  2. paint;
  3. markers;
  4. crystal flakes;
  5. funnel;
  6. tape.

Step 1

Apply the paint evenly on the inside of the palm and fingers.

Step 2

Gently place in the palm of your hand the preparation of the Christmas ball.

Step 3

Leave the balls to dry the paint.

Step 4

Now paint the fingerprints with markers: draw buttons, pens, nose and mouth to the snowmen. Merry company turned out.And on the handprint write the year, name and age of the child.

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