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How to choose the name of the construction business - the name for the construction store.

Choose a name for your construction business.



Choosing the right name for a company that will be engaged in construction is not easy. It would seem, what is easier to come up with some name? But it was not there! What word will sound good, like customers and increase the visibility of your business? Perhaps there are some rules?


Algorithm for choosing the very - right - word?



There is! We will begin with this. Here are some simple recommendations that will help you give the building business a suitable name. First, you need to consider the nature of the target audience. Who should remember your company name? If your services will be in demand from private clients, then you should not choose a complex and poorly remembered name for the company.Choose something simpler so that the company name is easily heard.


But if you plan to receive orders from legal entities or foreign organizations, then the name should first of all correspond to the notions of a stable and respectable enterprise. A large client must be sure that you can rely on.


Secondly, the word that you choose as the name should be directly related to the construction theme. This will allow the potential client to understand what the company is doing, even if he hears this name for the first time.


The combination of capital letters - an abbreviation - not always a good choice. The client will not be able to decipher it and, moreover, translate it into a foreign language. In addition, the abbreviation usually replaces a very long name that is difficult to pronounce and just as difficult to understand.


A good option would be reflected in the name of the competitive advantage of your company. If the profile of the construction company is garages, hangars, trade pavilions and other projects that do not require a lot of time for implementation, this can be reflected in the title. For example, StroyExpress.


Let's give examples of names of already existing construction firms:


StroyCity, Stroy-Beton, StroyComfort, Eco-system, StroyTreyd, ArsenalStroy, Body Building, House-build, Story set, Story-interior, StroyMaster, Windows-building, Stroy-awning, Decor-building, Technological system, StroyContinent , Monolith-Stroy, StroyInvest, Energostroy, StroyGrad, Stroyproekt, StalStroy, Credit-Story, Progress-Story, Edinstroy, Euro Story, Stroy-Alliance.


I want to believe that these examples will help you find the very word that best suits your construction company. Before choosing the final version, be sure to test the name.


Ask the maximum number of people associated with the word you have invented. Do not forget that the name of the company is an asset whose value will increase as your business grows, so the chosen name should only provoke positive emotions and meet the vital values ​​of your potential customers.

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