Choose a humidifier for air

Humidity in a modern apartment, as you know, is different from the level of humidity in the environment, which is necessary for our body.

This is especially true of winter time, when the batteries of steam heating systems dry up the air so that the relative humidity of the air is only 20% (whereas in the Sahara desert the relative humidity is 25%). It turns out that the conditions of our place of residence cannot be compared even with the arid desert climate.

The lack of moisture has a negative effect on everything: houseplants die, cracked furniture becomes commonplace.

Of course, you can use the grandmother's method and hang out wet sheets all over your apartment. And you can remember that we live in the developed 21st century and take advantage of modern technologies. Minimum labor and maximum results. There are simple to use and very effective devices humidifiers.

All, without exception, models of household humidifiers do not need additional installation and are designed for round-the-clock work indoors. How to choose the most optimal device? All humidifiers are divided into traditional, ultrasonic and steam.

How can you figure out which humidifier to choose and why is it needed at all? Let's try together!

So, first consider the traditional species.

Traditionalconsidered the most suitable for small apartments, as well as children's rooms. The water is poured into a specially vented tank inside the device, then the water is supplied to the evaporating elements. The built-in fan blows air through them, absorbing it from the room, and feeds it out already humidified. This type of humidifier is virtually silent. In addition to the fact that air is humidified, it is also cleaned of dust and harmful particles. These moisturizers are well suited for aromatherapy. Also an important positive factor is that traditional type humidifiers are relatively inexpensive and consume little power (average power = 40 W).

Steam view- the next one on our list.

The steam humidifier works according to the so-called “hot” evaporation principle. With the help of two electrodes, the water is heated and, reaching the maximum temperature, is converted into steam. Features of this type is the possibility of increasing air humidity more than 60%, and the greatest performance, compared with other types of humidifiers. When manufacturing the body of this humidifier, a special plastic is used, which is characterized by increased heat resistance and strength.

The appliance will automatically shut off when all the water has evaporated. Another clear advantage of the steam humidifier is its ease of maintenance. You do not need the cost of materials such as cartridges and filters. The only drawback is the high level of energy consumption.

So, the high level of performance, ease of use and reasonable price are the main qualities of steam humidifiers.

Ultrasonic- This is the most popular for today humidifier, it has the most positive reviews.

The principle of operation of this humidifier is as follows: water from the tank falls directly on the plate, which vibrates with high frequency, which leads to splitting of water into the smallest splashes.Microscopic droplets form a cloud through which dry air passes, and when moistened, it is fed into the room. In other words, the ultrasonic humidifier produces a "fog" in your home. This device is efficient in operation and is absolutely silent. The released couples may seem hot, but in fact it is not. In addition, couples are absolutely safe for the health of adults and children. Today, ultrasonic humidifiers have the title of the most convenient and are in great demand among buyers.

Make your personal choice and you will not regret it!

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