Chloe Kardashian told which of the sisters she would trust her daughter

While still a pregnant baby Tru, who was born in early April, Chloe Kardashian thought: who among the many sisters could she have trusted the child? In the bright future of Tru, no doubts arose, but how many situations do exist in life, and if something happens to Chloe, the girl should have a legal guardian. The variant with Kylie fell away immediately - she herself had just become a mother for the first time at 20, Kendall has no children at all, which means that only Kim and Courtney remained. And Chloe no doubt preferred the candidacy of Kimi.

"I do not want to offend you, Courtney, by any means," she told the eldest sister, who has two sons and a daughter. “And while I don’t even know which of my mothers will turn out, but Kim’s upbringing style suits me better.” I like her rigor. "

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It must be said that Kim did not show any special enthusiasm in response - perhaps because in January the surrogate mother bore him a third child with Kanye, so she had enough worries in her own family. But Courtney was clearly very upset about such a statement.

"You know? You don't have to look for excuses for me. I still have to do with Penelope, Mason and Rhine, ”she answered caustically. “So you are at the limit of your abilities now?” Chloe clarified laughing. “No, not at the limit. I could afford another child, "Courtney said.

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