Chic and elegant images for lush girls

Warm sweaters and turtlenecks

Sweaters are versatile, practical and comfortable, they can be combined with any thing from your wardrobe.

This season, a stylish sweater or turtleneck can be combined with pencil skirts and stylish jeans.


Femininity of a magnificent figure is very easy to spoil with some shapeless pants, so it is better to choose skinny pants of dark tones, which visually lengthen legs and hide figure flaws.


Properly chosen style of the skirt will create a unique silhouette, and with the help of colors and cut you can emphasize your individuality.

On cold winter days, an A-line skirt made of knitwear or wool is an excellent choice.


It is difficult to imagine a girl whose wardrobe does not have at least one blouse. For lush beauties blouses are especially relevant, because they help to place accents in the right places.


If you have wide shoulders and narrow hips, pay attention to oval neck blouses and fitted blouses with an emphasis on the waist.


Fat women, above all, should pay attention to the coat, which in the coming season at the peak of popularity.

Long coats perfectly pull the silhouette, visually hiding the problems of the figure. A thin strap accentuates the waist.

A short jacket is suitable for girls with wide hips and long legs.

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