Chevron Embroidery

Chevrons and stripes - the decals of the form of special institutions - are now penetrating into everyday clothes and everyday life. Now each of us can order a logo or an inscription applied using thread and using additional materials (rhinestones, sequins, etc.).

Original chevron embroidery here. Yaroslavl embroidery factory offers various types of stripes and chevrons: standard, exclusive, made according to the sketch, drawing portraits and images, three-dimensional embroidery and much more. The decoration of bags, T-shirts, baseball caps and other products of any quality and texture is the specialization of this company. Chevrons, as a kind of embroidery, have their own distinctive features: a certain shape (triangular, round, rectangular, square, etc.), as well as a specific color range characteristic of an institution (primarily military). To date, it has become possible to manufacture chevrons from sketches, that is, to create an individual program for creating a logo, emblem or image that you have developed.All types of chevrons are made using modern equipment that allows you to complete an order of any complexity in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the patch on the product is distinguished by its durability and high quality. In addition, as practice shows, machine embroidery is the most optimal variant of embroidery technology in terms of cost and effectiveness.

Yaroslavl factory offers its services for the manufacture of various chevrons: children's, sports, special, school, military, corporate, etc. A wide range of products allows you to select a patch for each customer. The possibilities of the factory are wide: high-performance equipment provides automation of production, that is, embroidery machines equipped with modern innovative technologies, as well as new laser equipment helps to make orders of any volume and any complexity.

Distinguishing features of the work of the Yaroslavl embroidery factory: first, it is the most rapid execution and execution of your order; secondly, the accuracy of computer tailoring technology; third,work with exclusive types of stripes and chevrons; fourth, impeccability and resistance to external factors (that is, high wear resistance) of the embroidery; Fifthly, laser processing of the applied pattern or logo, allowing to align the cut and eliminate the disadvantages. Thus, the stripes, made with the help of modern equipment, high-quality and optimal in the price category product.

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