Cheese cake with ham and spices

Cheesecake with ham and spicesis a recipe.


  1. sunflower or olive oil 1/3 cup
  2. milk 1 cup;
  3. egg 1 piece;
  4. soda 1/2 tsp;
  5. lemon juice 1 tbsp;
  6. salt 1/4 tsp;
  7. basil 1 tsp dry;
  8. paprika (dried in slices) 1-2 tsp;
  9. cheese (hard) 100-150 gr;
  10. ham 150-200 gr;
  11. flour.


Use a form with a diameter of 17 cm.  

Mix olive oil (you can sunflower, but without smell) with milk and egg, add soda, salt, basil, paprika, grated cheese on grater, stir well with lemon juice. Ham cut into cubes, mix with flour, add to the rest of the mixture, gently mix, it turned dough. Smear the form of a cheesecake with butter and put the resulting dough on it. The oven is in a preheated oven at 1800C (about 45 min.).

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