Characteristics of men and women Virgos in the year of the Snake

Anna Lyubimova October 25, 2017

The wise Serpent and the consecutive Virgo give birth in a combination of nature, developed, practical and rational. These people are able to think logically and are prone to a thorough analysis of everything that happens. The ability to look at the root and see the details is supported by a powerful sense of intuition and susceptibility to the general state of the emotional atmosphere.

Virgo-Snakeable to feel the energy of space subtly, individuals and the team as a whole. It is not easy to deceive her: she instantly catches falsehood or a dirty trick, although she may not show it. Surrounding people will be unpleasantly surprised when she directly gives them to understand that the number has not passed.

Such a woman is not just observant and attentive: she is guided by her feelings, which, like a barometer, give her accurate information about the order of things. Acumen and a deep analysis of what is happening, which scrolls in her thoughts almost continuously, give her the power to look a few steps forward, calculating all the ways the situation develops.Thanks to this sheable to quickly and clearly determine the current state of things, to compare facts, analyze and organize. Ultimately, instantly choose the right solution or give good advice.

Such abilities sometimes cause others to have almost mystical associations and conviction in the extrasensory abilities of the Virgo and Serpent, although in reality this is the result of an extraordinary lively mind, analysis and the ability to feel subtle.

The Maiden of the Year of the Snake is a rather subtle, graceful and graceful person. She is able to find an approach to each person, coming into contact at the level of emotions and inner world

These people, as a rule, are endowed with a pleasant appearance, secular manners, intelligent and tactful.

The Snake Maiden is a positive and peaceful person. Conflicts and peripetia take it out of the harmonious state of the soul. She alwaystrying to smooth corners, the heated atmosphere: its landmark in life - practical expediency, use without any harm. It does not endure not only direct conflicts, but also forcing circumstances, never participate in gossip or intrigue.The rejection of the Serpent-Serpent’s conflicts is so strong that if you try to hurt her herself, she will quickly put her opponent in her place, conceal a hidden resentment, and will certainly respond with the same coin, but steeper.

More vigorous natures of the Virgo-Serpent may seem boring and monotonous, but it is completely protected from the problems that sometimes arise from risky and rash actions. Such people are disciplined, do not tolerate disorderly attitude, are thoughtful and unhurried. They find meaning in quality, not quantitative performance of their duties.

Virgo Snake - veryresponsible and punctual worker. Being able to achieve significant success, she is not fussy, although at times she shows nervousness. Nevertheless, the result is always ready for her at an agreed time.

the nature of the maiden horse

Virgo-Snake is able to subtly sense the energy of space

Work for her - the embodiment of self-realization, so she treats her with all seriousness. The Serpent-Maiden loves the material stimulation of her work, although the most important vital part for her is the achievement of success and the realization of ideas.

Overall, it's prettypleasant and positive personalitywho seek harmony, optimism, mercy and empathetic relationships with people. They can be different, depending on the circumstances: prudent, cautious, resourceful and simply charming when there is a large society around them.

Characteristic men Dev Serpent

The man of this zodiacal combination is characterized by a balanced, albeit rather contradictory character. He shows perseverance in achieving his goals, but he is not always too active, preferring to think everything over beforehand, weigh and arrange "on the shelves." Outwardly, his actions are slow, but the work is always done on time. He is responsible, focused on the result, takes the matter seriously and thoroughly.

Guy Virgo, born in the year of the Snake, is distinguished by enviable hard work, sometimes plunging into work with the head

The case comes up thoughtfully, analyzesand systematizes, taking into account the details, prefers to clearly plan actions in order not to be 100% sure of the right decision.

He does not seek adventures and dubious enterprises, preferring accurate calculation to risk and spontaneity. Stability and regularity in the life of the Maiden of the Snake correspond to his calmness and prudence.He does not like to change the situation, go on business trips, although, being a cheerful optimist by nature, he is capable of quick adaptation to changing "scenery".

In a relationship with others such a man behaves peacefully and good-naturedly. He is sociable, has a sense of humor, a reliable companion, a responsible worker, and behind external softness and even lack of will there is a rather strong and developed nature that you can always rely on.

Characteristics of the men of the Virgo-Snake

Stability and regularity in the life of the Maiden of the Snake correspond to his calmness and prudence

Imperfections of the mark

The male Virgin-Serpent is sometimes too correct and demanding of himself and others, sometimes categorical. The weakness of his nature lies in the fact that personal ambitions, which are not embodied, can lead him into a state of samoyedstva and profound criticism of himself and others. Then he becomes nervous and irritable.

Characteristics of female Dev-Serpent

Dama Deva, born in the Year of the Snake -nature is positive, charming and good-natured. She maintains fairly even and positive relations with all those around her, tries to smooth over conflicts, into bickering quarrels, because she does not tolerate negative energy in the surrounding atmosphere.

Virgo girl, born in the Year of the Snake, is characterized by restraint and a real outlook on life.

She is perceptive and intelligent, is able to work selflessly, sets concrete goals and always strives to achieve them.

Her character has confidence, perseverance and responsibility. Possessing powerful intuition, ability to think and analyze quickly, sheachieves heights in any field of activityalthough she likes creative work more.

Despite the ease with which the Maiden-Snake girl comes in contact with people, she is very careful and attentively eyeing new characters. Only old friends and trusted acquaintances can deserve absolute trust from her.

Characteristics of female Dev-Serpent

The Maiden-Snake girl is very careful and attentively eyeing new characters.

Imperfections of the mark

Girl of the Year of the Snake is quite cunning and capable of the subtle feeling of the slightest vibrations in a relationship. It is impossible to deceive her, but a minus of character can be called her tendency to harbor a grievance, and then deliver an unexpected “retaliation”.

The Snake Maiden is not prone to quarrels and a showdown, but she likes to personally control the situation, wanting everything to go according to a calculated plan.

Idealization is another weakness of her character.After all, if something went wrong, she begins to get annoyed and panic

The love compatibility of the Virgin in the year of the Snake

People of this symbolic combination of their life orientations and positions are transferred to personal relationships.In love, the Virgo-Snake stable and reliablebecause they look at "cordial relations" again from the standpoint of rationality and perspective. They are demanding of partners, but also loyal and caring.

The Man the Serpent-Snakemay not be too ardently expressing your feelings towards your partner, trying to keep them under control. This is because he is still looking closely and is not hesitating to take a decisive step in his life. But feeling the sincere feelings, such a man will become a reliable and loving companion with whom you can achieve comfort, and complete compatibility in love.

The Woman the Serpent-Snake, despite the sociability and magnetic natural charm, not too indulge themselves with novels, preferring not to start a relationship if it doubts their development. She is very carefully studying her partner, fearing to plunge into the pool, which is not worth it, trying to avoid stress and frustration.

Characteristics of female Dev-Serpent

The Maiden of the Snake intently studies the partner, being afraid to plunge into the pool

Superficial relationships do not suit her: the Serpent Maiden takes seriously her sincere feelings — both her own and her partner — that is why the development of romantic relationships prefers a slow and gradual, giving a more complete picture of the true intentions of her chosen one.

Representatives of this sign are capable of deep feelings and emotions, they are able to create a happy family life for themselves and their companion, which is not without romance and worldly joys.These are caring and loving spouses,parents, in the house of which there is always order and comfort, and in relationships - harmony.

Maximum compatibility Average
Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Dragon, Rooster, Goat, Monkey, Cat (Rabbit) Snake, Bull, Horse, Rat Tiger, Dog, Pig
Western calendar Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

Full description of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Snake

The children of this iconic combination are very picky and calm natures. They will not make tantrums and capricious. As a rule, these are quiet and docile children who do not give their parents trouble.

The Virgo boy, born in the Year of the Snake, stands out among his peers with the ability to quickly think and find a way out of the situation.He is punctual and executive., always fulfills the assignment given to him and does not disappoint either parents or teachers. The young Maiden-Snake is very observant and strives for knowledge. Already in lower grades, he can be well erudite, exceeding the level of classmates, and sometimes even entering into an argument with a teacher.

Girl of the Year of the Snake natures shy and calm. She is very suspicious and sensitive. Seeking a confidential relationship, a girl can easily catch falsehood, so you should not deceive her. ita great helper to her parents, sensitive and sympathetic, accurate and well-mannered.

characteristic of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Snake

As a rule, Snake Virgins are quiet and obedient children who do not give their parents trouble.

Parents should be prepared for the fact that their baby will literally “from the cradle” begin to show curiosity and interest in literally everything around, down to the smallest details. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account such a feature as the ability to restrain one's emotions and be “on one's mind”.

Under the silence and outward ease can be hidden some cunning, which the child is plotting,Especially since it is not difficult for anyone to circle someone around their finger.

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