Changed myself: Stotskaya is no longer redhead!

Anastasia surprised fans with a new way.

Recently, the public discussed the good news: Anastasia Stotskaya is expecting a second child. By the way, that the singer is expecting her second child, it became known in early December. Not exactly, of course. But fans noticed that the artist began to prefer loose clothes and shoes with flat soles over tight clothes and heels.

The star kept silence, but nevertheless it was necessary to declassify. The occasion was a tour of the musical “The Flying Ship”, in which the star participates, in St. Petersburg. They will be held in early February. And the actress decided to warn her fans that this was probably her last speech before the decree.

Only a month ago, Nastya boasted that she had finally decided on hair extensions.

“For a long time I didn’t decide on hair extensions. The first impression is definitely a delight! The length of the luxurious curls - to the waist, hair imperceptible.Thank you, girls, the newly made semi-buns with caramel on the cheek, ”wrote the dismayed Stotskaya. But with long hair the star did not last long and went back to the salon.

Apparently, the position of Anastasia led her to the idea of ​​a cardinal change of image.

Anastasia Stotskaya dyed her hair
Photo: @ 100tskaya

“Ta-dam! Favorite was not against, and I am delighted! I do not ask whether it is good or not, but I show what I promised. And most importantly - this is the shade that is closest to my natural hair color. I was born little black, friends, ”the star turned to the fans.

Red long hair Nastya changed to a dark car! To be honest, we did not recognize Stotsky at first glance.

Fans rushed to comment on the new image, and most agreed that this image was Nastya more than the usual redhead.

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