Casserole with cabbage and minced meat

Casserole with cabbage and minced meat recipe
Photo: Dmitry Bayrak / dbstudio
minced pork400 gramsBulb1 pieceCarrot1 pieceSauerkraut150 gramsWhite cabbage350 gramsBuckwheat100 gramsBreadcrumbs3 tbsp.chicken egg4 pieces)0.5 tspSpices1 tspTomato (Grade "cream", solid)4 pieces)Grated cheese40 gramstastePeppertasteVegetable oil (For frying)
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:10 minutes
  • Cooking time:70 minutes
  • Flow temperature:Hot dish
  • Processing Type:Baking
  • Kitchen:European
  • Occasion:Everyday
  • Season:year round

Chop onions, clean carrots and three on a coarse grater. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil, then add sauerkraut, and after 10 minutes - finely chopped fresh. We warm up, fall asleep buckwheat, boiled until half ready, and leave to cool. In the cold vegetable mix lay out the stuffing, breadcrumbs, eggs. Season with salt, pepper, spices and knead well.Evenly distribute the resulting mass in a greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs form. The top is closed with slices of tomatoes and put for 30 minutes in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Sprinkle with cheese and bring to golden color.

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