Camera case

For the manufacture of the cover, we will need a bit of fur velor from an old sheepskin coat, thin synthetic winterizer and velcro, as well as any sewing machine, scissors, ruler, marker, adhesive tape, Moment glue and glue pencil.
materials for the cover
Designed by the program FrontDesigner 3.0. For this purpose I measured the length, width and height of the camera and added 0.5 cm for each seam on each side. I also decided to make a pocket for spare batteries.
 draw a pattern
Print a pattern on a printer and paste it together
 print out
To check the correct design of the pattern, stitched a mock cover of thick fabric.
 stitched cover mock-up
Next , pasted the pattern on the wrong side of the fabric,put a marker and cut it out.
 pasted the pattern
 circle the marker and cut out
Let's start making a pocket for batteries. Make the markup, cut the corners and the valve and sew the corners on the sewing machine.
 battery pocket
cut corners and valve
We mark the place
We mark the place where the pocket will be located and sew it.
position the pocket
 sew a pocket
 we cover the cover valve
Next, from the wrong side, we cover the cover valve and turn it out.
we stretch the boot valve
turn out
Cut out the synthetic winterizer, coat the workpiece with Moment glue and glue the synthetic winterizer to the workpiece.
We cut sintepon
 we coat the workpiece with glue
 paste the sintepon to the blank

The edges of the blank are coated with glue and glued to our “sandwich”.
 glue and glue and glue

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