"Butterflies on your shoulder": the transformation of an ordinary T-shirt into a design thing

In this master class, I will show and tell you how to make a designer thing out of an ordinary gray T-shirt.

To do this you will need:

  • T-shirt or T-shirt;
  • 20 cm of black thin tulle;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • sewing needle;
  • black threads;
  • Journal.

You can reshoot the butterfly pattern in this master class with tracing paper or thin paper from the monitor.

Transformation 2015


For the first part of the butterfly, cut a strip of tulle: length 50 cm, width 20 cm.

Fold in length by half and width by 5 times.




For the second butterfly part, cut the strip of tulle length 50 cm, width 20 cm.

Fold doubled in length and 8 times in width.


Fatin is complicated 18 times (but since the material is very thin, cutting along the contour is not difficult).


Template pinned to the tulle with pins.

Cut carefully along the contour.


% image_alt%

We collect a butterfly: each butterfly consists of two large parts and two small ones.

Big butterfly below, small above.

Butterflies fasten with pins.

% image_alt%

Sew the details with 2-3 small stitches.

% image_alt%

Butterflies are ready.

% image_alt%

Fold the butterflies in half and slightly ironed (the temperature of the iron is minimal).

This is done so that the wings of the butterfly are raised when we sew it.

% image_alt%

Now we take a T-shirt we put between the shelf and the back of the magazine.

Outline with a chalk or soap line arrangement of butterflies.

% image_alt%

Pinning with butterflies pins along the marked lines.

% image_alt%

View from the back:

% image_alt%

Now that all butterflies pinned to a T-shirt can be sewn.

% image_alt%

Sew a bow tie to a t-shirt with 2-3 stitches.

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