Bruce Willis and Demi Moore reunited for the birthday of their daughter

Bruce Willis is the happy father of five daughters, the eldest of whom, Rumer, turned 30 the other day. For such an event, the whole family gathered at the festival and even took part in a funny photo shoot that the girl published on her Instagram page. “Thank you for making me!” She signed a snapshot with her parents, who kiss her on both cheeks.

63-year-old Bruce Willis and 55-year-old Demi Moore divorced in October 2000 after 13 years of marriage, but this did not prevent them from remaining in excellent friendship and business relations (as well as raising three beautiful daughters - Rumer, Talulu and Scout). So, for example, in July, Bruce and Demi took part in the Comedy Central Roast show, whose main task is to pick up an invited guest as caustically as possible - it was Willis, who drove more than .

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