Brad Pitt: "From now on I want to work only with my wife"

In November, the world premiere of the joint work of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt - the drama "By the Sea" will take place. In the meantime, we can find out how the shooting took place. Brad told V Magazine what it is like to get used to the image when your boss is your spouse.

In the director's chair, Angie knows what she wants. She is striking in her determination, intuition and sexuality.

Brad Pitt: "From now on I want to work only with my wife"
Brad Pitt

The Hollywood couple already had a joint experience on the set, but Brad claims that this time is completely different: ““ Mr. and Mrs. Smith ”has nothing to do with our new project. The film “By the Sea” tells about the period of life when the honeymoon couple left far behind and they face a routine and unforeseen problems. ” And he adds: “Angelina and I had long planned to work together, but at the same time we did not want to limit each other. They wanted everything to be family-friendly. Honestly, it took more time to implement the plan than we expected. But now I want to work only with my wife. ”

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