Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones in our time - is an essential accessory of every person! Many of us listen to them while playing sports, on the bus or even on the way to work or study! But many of the Chinese headphones do not give out such a good sound, so I decided to try to make headphones from the old bluetooth speakers! And so for the manufacture we need:
  • Bluetooth speaker.
  • Construction headphones.
  • Some tools.
The first step is to disassemble the column. In order not to break anything, look carefully for all the bolts, because the Chinese love to hide them under various stickers, etc.
Headphones from the bluetooth column
Headphones from bluetooth speakers
After disassembling, bite the speaker and change it to two such weaker ones! I have them for 1 watt. Bluetooth headset columns
Bluetooth headset speakers
It's time for headphones! First of all we remove all the foam rubber from them and reconcile our fee! Necessaryimmediately mark the recharge hole and the approximate place of attachment! And also mark up the holes for the buttons.
Bluetooth headset columns
Bluetooth headset speakers
Speaking of buttons! I made them from a ballpoint pen, by melting the tip of the rod! You can also make a match and glue them on the buttons of the board, but in this case there is a risk of pouring the switch with glue and it will no longer perform its functions. Bluetooth headset columns
Headphones from the bluetooth column
The next step is to glue the board and solder it to the wires! As luck would have it, the glue broke, so I had to “snot” the lighter.
Headphones from the bluetooth column
When soldering is finished, we take foam rubber which was pulled out earlier, we cut it under the size and put it inside our half-earpiece. Top lay the speaker.
Headphones from the bluetooth column
To the speaker does not yawn outside! On the bottom of the pillow we glue a piece of female stocking.It will not affect the sound, but the appearance will improve!
Bluetooth headset speakers
Well, in principle, everything is ready! It remains only to do the same with the second half!
Headphones from bluetooth speakers
And as a result, we have such cool headphones here. Of course, it’s better not to turn them on all the loudness, because it was a speaker after all, and its sound is quite loud. But at medium volume just right!
Bluetooth headset speakers
PS: It’s possible to wear it a bit “dumb” for everyday wear, but everything is in your hands! You can paint them in whatever be a cool color! Or find the earphones of another shape! But, for example, running in the mornings or mowing grass in them is a pleasure.

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