Blake Lively confessed, against which she can not resist

Blake Lively Publication (@blakelively)Mar 25, 2018 at 5:41 PDT

This is the moment at which the iron will of Blake ceases to be iron. The other day, the actress shared a funny snapshot on Instagram in which she lustily looks at the open package of soft, round donuts covered with multicolored glaze - and sadly comments: “How to stop?” Understand Blake, it's almost impossible! But do not think that Lively does not realize that her profession makes her the highest demands. Otherwise, to lose weight by 27 kilograms after the birth of the second child - babes Ines - she would never have succeeded. Blake is still able to pull herself together, as evidenced by her recent photo with the famous fitness trainer Don Saladino: “In 10 months I gained extra weight and in 14 months I dropped. I am proud of myself, ”the actress signed.

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