birthday card

Master class for creating cards
This card will need the most affordable and unpretentious materials: - drawing paper / thick paper / cardboard - acrylic paints - simple pencil (softness 2M and higher) - brush - glue - water container - black gel pen - medium thickness threads (here used white iris threads colors) - ruler - scissors.
To begin with, on a sheet of drawing paper, let's measure a rectangle 15x20 centimeters in size.
measure rectangle
Cut it out and bend it in half. This will be the basis for our postcard.
 bend in half
Then on the front side draw a frame, retreating from the edge of 1.5-2 centimeters.
draw a frame
In the resulting rectangle drawclouds.
draw clouds
Then we take a simple pencil and lightly, evenly shade the sky, we don’t touch the clouds.
 shade the sky
You can shade with straight short lines, you can use the side of a pencil, small circular movements - as you like more.
shtri Shuffle with straight short lines
Now fatter we draw the lower part of each cloud.

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