Big wash: 15 unexpected things that can be washed in a typewriter

Although most people like water treatments since childhood, it is hard to attribute washing to a number of exciting and addictive activities. To reduce the suffering from this mandatory ritual to a minimum, a man invented a washing machine. Did you know that it is possible to return a neat look not only to underwear and clothes, but also to some very unexpected items? See for yourself!

If you use the correct mode, the right amount of detergent and do not forget to read the instructions on the labels, then in the washing machine you can easily wash:

1. Soft toys

Put plush pets in the laundry net, use cold water (hot glue can damage) and half the amount of detergent than usual. To dry toys is better not in a typewriter, but in the open air.

2. Nozzles for mops

If you extend this thing in a typewriter, nothing bad will happen.But it is better to start to learn the label.

3. Mitts

Not bad get along in the company of kitchen towels

4. Baseball caps and caps

First, treat the headgear with a stain remover (if needed) and leave for five minutes. Then wash in a short cycle in cold water.

5. Sneakers and sneakers

Remove the laces and put them together with shoes in a bag for washing pillowcases or the pillowcase itself. Insoles and other "insides" should be obtained. To the usual means add a little vinegar to deodorize. Wash better in a delicate mode and cold water.

6. Small plastic toys

Just put them in a separate bag and turn on delicate mode.

7. Pillows


The main subtleties: delicate mode and machine drying using special balls. It does not allow the filler to roll, so that the pillows do not lose their softness and volume.

8. Plastic shower curtains

It is recommended to put a couple of large towels in the drum for a better effect.

9. Backpacks

First of all, make sure that the inside of the backpack and in the pockets is really empty. If you are a fan of carrying cookies and other tasty food, the subject is better to pre-vacuum.Wash in cold water and a separate cover (you can pillowcase) with a small amount of detergent.

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