Best dry body and hair oils

Oil, even the one that has the prefix “beauty”, in its usual sense is a sticky, oily, buttery, but super-nourishing substance, without which no complete self-care is possible. Such a product was difficult to apply on the body and hair, it required long-term absorption, often leaving a greasy film, and hair instantly turned into greasy tow. Now, with the development of the beauty industry, everything has changed dramatically! The usual oils have been replaced by dry ones - the real “miracle of nature”, which is not inferior in its effect to fat and sticky counterparts, with the only difference that they leave no traces or unpleasant sensations after themselves.

What is dry oil?

The dry oil products are firmly established on store shelves and dressing tables for beauty bloggers. Almost all cosmetic brands have such oils in the assortment, and if someone does not have them, they will surely appear in the near future, because this is a real “time bomb” that all girls dream of.The agiotage is quite justified: everything and even more is subject to dry oil! It nourishes, moisturizes, protects, gives the skin and hair a well-groomed appearance, while leaving no sticky residue, greasy luster, sensation of the film. The body and hair are simply enveloped in a weightless and silky coating that gives them a glossy glow, softness and dullness with a dry effect.

The formula of dry oils is unique! As a rule, manufacturers combine in one consistence up to eighty different natural oils, as well as vegetable components. The main role is assigned to cyclomethicone. This substance consists of unmodified silicone of a new generation, thanks to which the oil is obtained dry. Molecules of cyclomethicone because of their size and chemical characteristics are not able to penetrate the skin and hair, they simply form a film on the surface. But do not worry, this is not the hard and unpleasant film to which we are all used. Under the film cyclomethicone are the care components that are gradually and evenly absorbed into the skin and hair, providing a powerful caring effect.Moreover, such a silicone barrier not only helps the oils and extracts soak into the skin and hair, but also protects them from external destructive effects.

The versatility of dry oils is also impressive: they can be applied to any part of the body, regardless of the type of skin and hair, added to masks, scrubs, creams, lotions and other cosmetics for the care. On the other hand, these oils provide the greatest cosmetic effect on wet hair and skin. This is due to the fact that water molecules do not evaporate from the surface, but are “sealed” by the film, being absorbed along with useful substances. The prolonged moisturizing effect is provided!

TOP 7 dry oils

Lemongrass Vetiver, H2O +

The American brand H2O +, famous for its cosmetics based on pure natural water, could not bypass the dry oils. Lemongrass Vetiver is created in the best traditions of the brand and is considered one of the best dry oils today. Immediately after applying the beauty product, the skin is transformed - it becomes soft, silky, elastic, and smooth. Getting into the deep layers of the epidermis, Lemongrass Vetiver starts the natural regeneration processes, normalizes the water-lipid balance, eliminates the feeling of tightness,dryness and flaking, and also instantly soothes the skin, combats the first signs of aging and smoothes mimic wrinkles. The composition includes quinoa oil, essential squeeze of sesame, lemon peel, vitamins A and E. The smell of Lemongrass Vetiver is pleasant and unobtrusive, the oil is applied easily and consumed economically. No stickiness, greasiness, stains after application remains.

Best dry body and hair oils

Dry oil Lemongrass Vetiver, H2O + (839 rub.)

Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe

Truly legendary and versatile oil. It appeared in 1989, and the fans still in love with him do not want to change him. And all this thanks to a unique formula (97.8% oil consists of natural ingredients, including vitamin E, borage oil, macadamia, hazelnut, almond, and St. John's wort) and an excellent result! After just one use of the product, the skin becomes velvety, radiant, smooth. Any flaking and redness disappear. Hair becomes glossy, silky, well-groomed, like after a professional procedure in a beauty salon. But most importantly, the oil is absorbed instantly, does not emphasize the oily sheen. The fragrance means simply divine, it captured notes of vanilla, plum, rose and orange blossom.The latter, by the way, is a natural aphrodisiac, so it will be impossible to resist! Apart from the fact that the oil can be applied to the body and hair, it is ideal to take a bath with it - just a couple of droplets in the water, and you will plunge into real silk, enjoying every moment.

Best dry body and hair oils

Dry oil Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe (2 235 rub.)

Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil, Kiehl's

This tool is a real storehouse of vitamins, extracts and oils. It does not contain parabens, minerals and is suitable for sensitive skin. When used, you immediately pay attention to the incredible aroma of vanilla and raw almond, which quickly dissolves on the skin, leaving only a barely perceptible haze. So do not be surprised if people around you will smell to you! The format of the oil is very convenient - spray-dispenser, with which it is easy to control the flow of funds. It is applied very easily, absorbs quickly (literally five minutes, and you can dress) and, as expected, leaves no traces. Moisturizing the skin instantly, from the dryness will not remain a trace.

Best dry body and hair oils

Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil, Kiehl's Dry (1 400 rub.)

Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent, Guerlain

The product is enriched with three oils of natural origin, which nourish, moisturize and care for the skin of the face, body and hair. There will be no even a hint of oily shine - it is absorbed without residue.The texture of the oil is gentle, light, volatile. When applied it looks like you are dipped in liquid silk, from which the skin will now consist. Among the components - carob extract, sweet almond oil, seedling, seed of exotic flowering plants. Three more benefits: the oil has a pronounced antioxidant effect, protects the skin from photo-aging, and also enhances the beauty of natural tan, giving the body a glow.

Best dry body and hair oils

Dry oil Terracotta Huile Sous Le Vent, Guerlain (3 965 rub.)

Dry Oil J’adore, Dior

The sensuality of the legendary fragrance has undergone some changes and transformed into a silky perfumed oil, captivating with its impeccable action. The texture means melting, velvet, luxurious, rich. Due to this, the oil is distinguished by a high concentration of moisturizing and soothing ingredients that do an excellent job. The divine elixir is absorbed instantly, leaving no trace other than the recognizable fragrance of J'adore. Manufacturers advise not only to use oil for skin and hair, but also to take a bath with it. Just a few drops in the water, and you will find yourself on a paradise tropical island, where there is not a single soul around - only you, floral aroma, the sound of the surf and exquisite spa care.

Best dry body and hair oils

Dry Dry Oil J’adore, Dior (4,130 rubles)

5 Sens Oil, Rene Furterer

A truly magical oil for the body, face and hair, which will give bliss and unforgettable sensations. The formula consists of a mixture of five natural oils (jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, castor and safflower), which nourish, moisturize, protect and care for the skin and hair. Changes are noticeable after the first use: hair becomes silky, glossy, soft, less tangled and easy to comb, the skin acquires a beautiful shine, smoothness, silkiness and elasticity. The texture of the oil is very gentle, airy, absorbed directly in front of the eyes, creating the effect of a weightless glowing veil. It is also impossible to resist the aroma, it has notes of bergamot, lilac, cedar, amber, jasmine, spices, patchouli and musk.

Best dry body and hair oils

Dry oil 5 Sens Oil, Rene Furterer (2 850 rub.)

Honey Miel, Perlier

Dry body oil is made on the basis of natural honey of the Italian acacia. It is the purest natural antioxidant, preservative and "healer". The smell is unobtrusive, honey with a floral admixture - it is impossible to resist, and I want to taste or add to tea. As well as it is necessary to dry oils, it is absorbed very quickly, fat shine does not leave, clothes too do not spoil.You can safely dress and go for a walk immediately after applying the product! Natural components in its composition provide the skin with proper care, plus everything else instantly softens rough parts of the body (heels, elbows, knees). This oil is ideal not only for body care, but also for massage, including anti-cellulite.

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