Beauty Orchid: care after flowering

Beauty Orchid: care after floweringOrchid flower and care after flowering is a special topic for conversation, because this plant has so many admirers. And this is not surprising, because the beauty of the flower is truly indescribable. The duration of flowering always depends on the following factors:

  • genetic features of the plant;
  • type of flower;
  • conditions of detention.

These are the main factors to pay attention to. Speaking of re-flowering, it must be said that care plays a crucial role. Next time it may bloom in 6 months. Such a wonderful flower, like an orchid, requires the best care after flowering. Do not forget about it.

What is the care of orchids after flowering

Many gardeners are concerned about how to take care of orchids after flowering. What should be done after the flowers wilt?

If caring for an orchid after flowering is literate, then the home favorite will soon delight you with new buds.Beauty Orchid: care after flowering

A rather capricious orchid flower.Care after flowering should be comprehensive, but especially from the main one it does not differ. Remember that after the flower stem ceases to live, it can behave in two ways:

  1. dry completely;
  2. re-start to grow.

If it simply withers, then do not touch it, because the plant will continue to pull vitamins out of it. Don't worry about how to prune an orchid after flowering. This is not as difficult as you can imagine. If the peduncle dies and dries, then you can remove it, leaving a small stump, whose height should not exceed 3 cm.

The house orchid has blossomed off: what should I do?

The active phase of flowering is always happy. However, it is not so long as many lovers of home indoor flowers dream of.Beauty Orchid: care after flowering

So, your orchid has faded. What to do? Two scenarios are generally known:

  1. There may be "children" flower.
  2. New buds may develop.

"Kids" usually appear in the summer, and if the beauty has faded in the spring, then new buds will appear. If you do not know how to care for an orchid after flowering, do not worry - read our advice.

If your favorite has faded, the trunk should be cut 1500 mm above the buds. Now you know how to properly trim the orchid after flowering.The flower will begin to give off energy for the old peduncle. This is the law of nature and life of domestic plants.

Not very capricious, despite all its external charm, orchid flowers. Caring for them after flowering is the same as it was before. This flower should receive the optimum amount of water. Spraying is also extremely necessary. If necessary, relocate to another pot.Beauty Orchid: care after flowering

So care is taken for orchids after flowering at home. Observing all these simple tips, the plant will blossom again. But if, nevertheless, your beautiful woman stubbornly does not do this, we suggest minimizing watering. These measures will contribute to the new flower stalk. Now you know, if the orchid has blossomed, what to do for its further flowering. Recall that the temperature during the day should not exceed 25 degrees, and night - 16 degrees.

Care for this beauty with love and care, and very soon she will give you new beautiful blossoms for guests and members of your family.

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