Beautiful make up eyes - not a problem

The eyes are known to be the mirror of the soul. When meeting on them, most people pay attention. But how to emphasize this part of the face, make it more expressive, highlight the advantages and hide the flaws? All this is quite possible! Just need to know some of the features of makeup.

Her eyes are beautiful

We select the perfect makeup

In the selection of makeup, you must certainly take into account many features. Let us dwell on each in more detail.

Eye shape

The shape of the eyes is not ideal for everyone, it is a fact. But you can correct the situation, if properly used cosmetics. So, a few tips:

  • If the eyes are located far from each other, then visually they can be a little closer together. To do this, dark shadows should be applied on the inner sides of the eyelids (both lower and upper), and the outer sides should be painted with bright shadows. In addition, special attention should be paid to the cilia, which grow almost in the corners of the eyes. Paint them carefully.
  • Make-up of small eyes means using only pastel light colors. It is better to forget about dark shades, as they will make the eyes even smaller. It is better to apply light shadows from eyelashes to eyebrows, and the space from the outer corner to the middle of the century can be treated with a darker (but not too) color. Also, paint your eyelashes well using a lengthening mascara.
  • Owners of large eyes are lucky, because they can do almost anything. You can use any color, sum eyes and so on.
  • If the eyes seem to be hollow, then this can be corrected. Simply mark the lower lash line with a pencil, lifting the outline upward on the outer corner. The upper eyelids are best painted with light shadows. Use of liner is not recommended. Light shades will look great on the lower part of the eyelid, but in a dark color you can slightly mark the line under the eyebrow, shading it.
  • With close-set eyes, makeup artists recommend applying dark shadows on the outer corners of the eyes, and only light shades on the inner corners. Also fit thin arrows that extend beyond the outer corners of the eyes.
  • If the eyelids are swollen, then it is necessary to abandon the bright pearly shades, preferring them matte calm tone. Shadows are applied on the folds of the eyelids, as well as on the line from mid-century to the outer corner. But on the space under the eyebrows it is better to put light shadows, also matte.
  • If the corners of the eyes seem to be lowered, this spoils the picture. In this case, choose only light shades, it is better to completely forget about dark ones. From the inside of the eye to the middle of the century, you can draw a line, lifting it and bringing it to the edge of the century. The edge of the space under the eyebrow should be slightly darkened. The mascara should be exclusively black, and it is better to apply it mainly on the upper cilia.
  • With narrow eyes, you can slightly emphasize the lower eyelid with a light pearly pencil. It is the best of all to refuse podvodok. Light flickering shadows are applied on the upper eyelid and line under the eyebrows. The mobile eyelid is decorated with light silky shadows. But the fold is applied matte saturated shades.

You can attend the lessons to learn more and learn basic skills.

Case and time of day

It is worth remembering that at different times of the day the eyes look different.For example, in the afternoon pearlescent, brilliant and bright shadows may look too catchy and ridiculous, but this option is perfect for a party. If you want to go to the club, you can safely allocate eyes using bright colors.

Little tenderness

But for an official meeting in the evening, dark, but calm tone will suit. Glitter is welcome, but not too intense. But in the office to go with "war paint" is not worth it.

Eye color

Eye color is also a fundamental point in the selection of makeup, since not all shades of shadows can be combined with a particular color. There are several techniques. For example, you can highlight your eyes in a contrasting tone. Then they will become more vivid and expressive. But you can use related colors, but differing in shade. This will make the look deep and mysterious.

Here are the combinations:

  • If you have brown eyes, then you can choose shades such as violet, cornflower, purple, lilac, blue, blue, marsh, peach, beige, pink, gray, sand, golden, silver and olive.
  • To the blue eye color, the following tones are suitable: chocolate, bronze, brown, gold, gray, apricot, marsh, lavender, plum, lilac, copper, reddish, pink and yellow.
  • If your eyes are green, then you can give preference to such shades as brown, gray, black, bronze, gold, peach, purple, lilac, purple, burgundy and the like.
  • Owners of gray eyes can choose almost anything. Gray color is universal and is combined with any shades.

Other makeup details

It is worth remembering that makeup should not be too bright. There is one simple, but very important rule: you need to allocate only one part of the face. So, if you decide to make up your lips with bright lipstick, then your eyes should not be so catchy. But if you want to highlight the eyes, you should use lipstick or lip gloss neutral calm tones.

Makeup for bright girls

How to apply makeup?

How beautiful make-up eyes, so that the look was fascinating and expressive? It is important to learn how to apply any means.


Use the shadows need to be able to. The easiest option - friable shadows. They are applied with a special small and narrow brush. Here is the sequence:

  1. First you need to determine and apply the base tone from the beginning of the growth of eyelashes to the fold of the upper eyelid,leading the line from the inside corner to the outside.
  2. Now apply dark shadows.
  3. Then apply light shadows.
  4. All transitions need to be shaded.
  5. The brush should be pressed lightly, and all movements should be smooth, but clear.

Liquid shadows quickly dry and are applied only to the mobile eyelid. If you have a shadow-mousse, then apply a thin layer. Shadows pencil roll down pretty quickly.


To make up your eyes with a pencil, you just need to draw a line where necessary, without too much pressure. Pencil pencil should be soft (hard complicates the application). If the contour seems too heavy, you can brush it with a brush. You can apply a pencil point, and then shade.

Black Smokey suit bold


It is rather difficult to use the piping. It is applied after the shadows, but before applying mascara. It is important to take the correct posture, providing the arm to be used (the elbow is placed on the table). The brush should rest on the cheek. To begin, apply a few small dots, then connect them, and then trim the contours and make an arrow with a slight movement.


Use mascara, too, must be properly. Cilia can be twisted.Start applying from the roots of the eyelashes, moving upward with vibrating zigzag movements. There should be more mascara at the edges than at the ends of the eyelashes (otherwise they will become heavier). Lower cilia tint only slightly.

Now you know how to make your eyes the most beautiful with makeup.

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