Beautiful dresses in medieval style

Is it possible to call some period of world history more romantic than the period of the Middle Ages? Beautiful ladies in gorgeous dresses, their loyal knights, menacing kings and gorgeous queens, precious stones and magnificent palaces - all this is only a part of the echoes of that time, which still cause trepidation in many modern girls.

The Middle Ages is famous for its lush balls and, of course, for the luxurious dresses of the young ladies, who literally glittered at such events. Heavy and expensive matter, iridescent jewelry, the most complicated embroidery, drapery and other wisdom, which were successfully embodied in the dresses of that time.

Women's dress in the form in which we are accustomed to see it today, did not appear immediately, since many centuries have passed. Medieval dress changed constantly, because of the time and the development of culture, the outfits also changed: for example, in the Early Middle Ages you will not find corsets, there was a mixture of Byzantine, Antique and Anglo-Saxon styles.

In the epoch of the Gothic, women's dress was greatly transformed, got sharp features, bizarre and specific elongated forms, just then it turned into a real work of art, the manifestations of which we admire until now!

By the end of the Middle Ages, women's dress reached its heyday, many details of the models of that time are found in modern wedding or evening dresses.

What is characterized by such an outfit?

  • The main feature, of course, is a long skirt: fluffy or A-line, it already depends on the period of the epoch, but it must be as long as possible and even, possibly, with a train.
  • In the early period, dresses resembling one-piece tunics were worn, however, richly decorated and complemented by embroidery, possibly laces and leather belts. In the late Middle Ages, it could have a separate skirt and the upper part - the bodice or corset.
  • By all rules, under such clothes, always put on the bottom of the long shirt, she could look out of the slits of the sleeves or the gate.
  • The dresses of that time were a real work of art, and from that weighed about 15-20 kg,if you want to completely follow the era, then choose models from expensive and heavy fabrics, which are generously decorated with embroideries, draperies or stones.

Beautiful outfits in the medieval style are very popular for creating an image for a photo shoot, because in the photo these outfits look extremely mysterious and charming. And what girl did not dream, at least once, to feel like a princess, dressed in long and elegant medieval clothes?

In addition, today themed weddings with the use of medieval attributes are extremely popular, if you approach seriously the issue, the result is the most magnificent, romantic and unforgettable celebrations.

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