Beautiful DIY candlestick

It is practically impossible to create a truly magical and fairy-tale atmosphere with patterned objects. And to open the door to the New Year's fairy tale you need to turn on your imagination and start creating. New Year's decor items are not made as difficult as it may seem, and the result exceeds all expectations. For example, I will make a festive candlestick decorated with salt. The candlestick in the winter is an aesthetic and functional piece of furniture. Any situation will acquire a special atmosphere if you add candles. An exclusive and very simple candlestick can be made by hand, using a glass jar, salt and decorative braid in your arsenal.
New Year's candlestick
For the master class you will need:
  • glass jar;
  • PVA glue;
  • green gel rod;
  • glass contour (it can be replaced with gluePVA and gel core of gold color);
  • salt;
  • braid or lace.
The masterclass will need
1. Cut the braid with the size equal to the neck of the can.
 Cut the braid
2. Lace is placed in PVA glue so that it is well soaked and soaked with glue. -kruzhevo-pomeschaem-v-kley.jpg "alt =" Place the lace on the glue "title =" Place the lace on the glue ">
3. Glue along the edge of the can.  Glue on the edge of the jar 4. We fix the clip. Fix clip 5. From a paper we cut out a Christmas tree.
 cut a Christmas tree from paper
6. We put the picture under a transparent film and begin to circle the glass. start bypassing the path Note: if you do not have a contour on the glass, you can replace it with PVA glue plus the contents of the gel bar, all put it in a jar with a thin spout and mix well. To make the contour more dense, you can add small glitters or loose shadows. 7.For a Christmas tree: glue PVA and the contents of the green gel rod mix well in a tube with a thin nose to get the color of the desired saturation.  PVA glue 8. Fill the received mass with a Christmas tree inside.
 fill in
You need to make three such trees. 9. When the Christmas tree dries, its surface forms a thin transparent film that is easy to separate.  unstick 10. We glue the tree with PVA glue and glue to the jar.  glued to the bank  glued to the bank 11. We glue all three Christmas trees around the perimeter.
 paste to the bank
12. At the bottom of the bank we glue with glue and sprinkle salt on top.
 glue with glue
 salt is sprinkled on top 13. Decorate the candlestick with salt at your discretion.
 Decorate the candlestick with salt
Decorate the candlestick with salt
 Decorate the candlestick with salt
 Decorate the candlestick with salt
14. We decorate the jar with a satin bow or twine.
 Decorate the jar with a satin bow
The New Year's candlestick is ready, it remains only to put a candle in it - and the atmosphere of a magical holiday will reign in your home.New Year's candlestick is ready New Year's Eve to
 New Year's candlestick
 New Year's candlestick

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