“Heart” ornament made of beads on a stand

Hello, dear visitors. In this article we will tell you about how you can make a beautiful souvenir in the form of a heart made of thick wire and beads, attached to a small stand. This souvenir can be made on the day of all lovers, on a holiday (for example, on the anniversary of the wedding), but can be made simply as a decoration for the home.  Decoration Heart of Beads
to make such a souvenir, we needed: - thin wire (from 0,01 mm thick), - thick wire (from 2 mm.), - cutters, tweezers - Beads of green , blue, yellow, orange, purple and white; - Beads of blue, white, brown, pink and beige flowers; - A bottle of lemonade; - Gypsum with water; - Plain paper; - Polymer glue for glass; - Colored paper, scissors; - White glue or pencil; - Scotch. Getting to work, we took a bottle of lemonade and rinsed it several times, left,so that excess water from it expired:  Bead heart decoration When the bottle dries, we will need to paste it with plain paper to apply the preliminary layer, which will need to be pasted in several layers from particles of colored paper. This layer can be composed of pieces of different sizes and shapes:
 Bead Heart Decoration
After making a smooth and neat surface of white paper, we cut colored paper into squares of different size and pasted a bottle:  Decoration Heart from beads After that we put on the surface transparent lacquer or tape so that the paper surface can not quickly get dirty:  Bead Heart Decoration Next we take thick wire about 150 cm long and twisting it into the shape of the heart; Both ends are bandaged in the lower side of the figure, forming a large knot.
 Decoration Bead Heart
It seems to us that this wire alone may not be too strong and bend under the weight of all the bead jewelery that will load it. Therefore, it is desirable to take two wires for work, or not to overload a figure with ornaments. Now we separate a little plaster in a separate cup and use it to attach the shape to the bottle, because the bottle neck is narrow and the wire nodes are rather large, the shape kept perfectly in it and it was quite easy to fix it with plaster ( not a single piece of hypo and did not fall to the bottom.) After that, we cleared areas of crafts, which accidentally fell into a cast, and left it to dry:
 Decoration of the Heart of Beads
Now we take on making leaves, berries and flowers from beads. Taking a thin wire, we string one of the beads into its middle, intending to make a leaf:
 Bead Heart Decoration
We add two more to this bead by running them through the ends of the wire:
 Bead Heart Decoration
Then three,four:
Bead Heart Decoration
Having made the middle leaf, in the subsequent rows we gradually reduce the number of beads, and, having reached the last one, we tie the wire several times.
Decorating a Heart from beads
After that, we add a thin wire to the copper figure, on which we will string the finished figures of the sheets and berries.
Bead Heart Decoration
The first "berry" in our craft was a large beige bead. In order to keep it securely and the wire does not stand out on the surface, you need to attach a small bead at the other end of the bead:
 Bead Heart Decoration
So we will collect everything subsequent leaves and berries that we will need to do.
 Bead Heart Decoration
Now we are going to make flowers in order. In order to collect one flower, we have made seven petals and one “ring” of wire and beads.The hue of the petals can be taken any, to choose:
 Bead Heart Decoration
We add each of the petals to a pair of beads from the" ring ":
Bead Heart Decoration
Just add a bead to the center of each collected flower:
 Decoration of the Heart from beads
After that we attach them to our craft:
 Bead Heart Decoration
Next we create several purple flowers with white edges and attach them to the souvenir:
 Bead Heart Decoration
Before decorating the figure with flowers, we managed to gather several rows with blue, pink and brown berries, decorating the crafts:
 Bead Heart Decoration
After that we decided to collect two white flowers and two purple and orangestrips, but in a slightly different way than the previous ones. Having composed eight petals, we string them onto a wire, one of the ends of which is drawn on the second circle:
 Bead Heart Decoration
Then, making a semicircle and holding both wires in opposite directions, string a small bead and tie up the wire in the reverse side of the finished flower:
Bead Heart Decoration
We attach the finished flowers to the craft. In the course of this work, you can make yellow leaves in case of a lack of green and blue beads. There are nine flowers in total in our hand-made article: After that, everything, - our hand-made article is ready. It took us about 2 weeks to make it, and it seems to us that it turned out to be very beautiful:
 Bead Heart Decoration
 Decoration of the Bead
Regards, Vorobiev Dinara.

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