Bamboo - a fashion trend in interior design

Bamboo is not only environmentally friendly, but also stylish and beautiful. Want to transform the interior of an apartment or house? Use bamboo, but do it right.

Stylistic directions

It should be noted right away that bamboo will not be combined with all styles. But in fact there are many options. Such material will ideally fit into marine, ethnic, tropical, Chinese, African, Japanese, country, Egyptian or eco-style. But in the interior, decorated in such style as high-tech, modern, avant-garde, empire, eclectic, techno and other similar, bamboo can look ridiculous and completely inappropriate.

Ways to use

How to use bamboo in the interior? We offer several ways.

Decoration Materials

Bamboo finishing materials are becoming increasingly popular. A few ideas:

  • Bamboo wallpaper is made from split trunks. They are not burned out even when exposed to direct sunlight, serve for a long time, they are resistant to mechanical damage and at the same time look original and interesting.By the way, sticking these wallpapers does not require special skills or adaptations.
  • Bamboo panels. One such panel is an interlaced thin pressed bamboo strip. Ways of weaving can be completely different, which means that there can be different patterns of panels. Use this material can be used for finishing walls, ceilings or even floors. In addition, it can be used not only for interior decoration, but also for exterior. The panels are fixed approximately in the same way as the parquet boards (groove in the groove).
  • Bamboo canvas is a cut of fabric (or other durable material), on which the pressed strips of bamboo stem are pasted. The canvas can be used to finish the walls, and it is attached with wallpaper glue or liquid nails.
  • Bamboo plates are similar to bamboo panels and are made by interlacing pressed strips of a tree trunk, but may have different sizes and shapes. There are plates consisting of several layers, they can be used for finishing the floor.
  • Bamboo parquet is similar to ordinary parquet and looks almost the same on the photo.It may have a matte or glossy surface and is going in the usual way.


Bamboo furniture looks very stylish and interesting. Almost all objects are made from bamboo: chairs, beds, cabinets, wardrobes, tables, interior partitions. Bamboo can be combined with other wood species, fabrics, upholstery, stone and even glass. In these cases, not separate whole trunks are usually used (as, for example, in the manufacture of rods or legs), but panels.


Original accessories look like bamboo. Interesting options:

  • Frames for paintings, photographs and mirrors. Especially organically, they will look on the walls, covered with paper wallpaper or plain painted.
  • The lamp with a bamboo foot and a fabric bubble will look original.
  • On the floor or on the table you can put a high bamboo vase. You can do it yourself. To do this, take a few thin bamboo trunks and glue them, for example, a bucket. And if you put in a vase growing green young bamboo trunks, then this element will become even more original and interesting.
  • It looks interesting bamboo dishes.So, in the kitchen you can place bamboo containers for spices, as well as coasters for plates.
  • The door curtain made of small bamboo trunks will look original. By the way, it is believed that it can scare away evil spirits.


Decorative bamboo can be used to decorate the room. So, they can be placed on the wall or on the ceiling. To fix them is very simple. It is best to use glue (universal or for wood). Sold not only whole trunks, but also divided into halves (they are faster and easier to mount). Such elements can be used to decorate the head of the bed, back of a chair, mirrors, ceiling, and so on.

For the decor, you can use green bamboo stalks. You can buy them in any flower shop, and they do not require special care. By the way, these stems can have different forms.

There is another idea. Use the bamboo panel as a base for wall panels. Stick on it stones, dried flowers.

Window decoration

Bamboo blinds and curtains have become very popular. Usually they are assembled from extruded strips made from bamboo trunks.They can be attached to fabric or joined with ropes or strong threads. Anyway, such an element will become not only functional, but also a decorative part of the interior. Bamboo curtains do not let in light, do not fade and at the same time ennoble the window.

What to combine?

Bamboo combines perfectly with other materials. The most successful options:

  • Any tissue. They will make bamboo more noble and cozy. It is best to choose materials calm colors and colors with a simple texture. Cotton, linen, cambric, chintz will look great.
  • The stone will give the interior chic and elegance.
  • Tile is a more modern option. It will be appropriate if you want to use bamboo in the bathroom.
  • Paint. It is best to choose a matte paint, its texture will make the room comfortable. Calm and noble tones are preferred.
  • Paper. Paper combines perfectly with bamboo.
  • Tree. It is best to use light breeds such as hornbeam, ash, maple, oak, beech and some others.


Tips to help extend the life of a bamboo product and preserve its properties and appearance:

  1. Remember that bamboo can flake. To avoid this, first, do not place products from such material near the heating devices, and secondly, do not allow a critical reduction in air humidity. The optimal percentage is 70-75%. And if you use bamboo trunks, then you can make several small holes in each (2-3 millimeters). Then the delamination will not be due to ventilation.
  2. To make a bamboo product last a long time, varnish it.
  3. If you use bamboo to make some items, then it's better to choose Filipino, Laotian or Vietnamese, it is he who is distinguished by high quality and durability.
  4. You should not make bamboo the main finishing material. Firstly, it is quite expensive, and secondly, it is better to make it an accent, a bright highlight of the room.

Use bamboo for interior decoration to make your home original and comfortable!

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