Awesome home decoration. You will need colored paper and balloons

Perhaps the options for lampshades lamps, made by hand, there are many. However, often the final result does not justify the effort. The variant presented in this article may look you like: this bright and absolutely stunning lamp shade is made of plain colored paper. At the same time he holds very tight. It is quite easy to make it, you do not even have to mess around with PVA glue and try diligently to peel it off from the inflated ball - a special home glue is used for the master class, which is easy to work with.

So, get started!

Step 1 - Cooking Home Glue


  • half a cup of flour;
  • glass of water;
  • spoon and pan.

Mix everything thoroughly, getting a smooth paste. Put the mixture on the fire and boil for a while to thicken it (but not too much).The texture can be seen below in the photos - it resembles semolina.

Step 2 - we collect crafts


  • several packages;
  • air balloons;
  • colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • home glue.

Spread the plastic bags on the floor to protect the workspace.

Blow the balloon.

Randomly cut the paper. Remember: depending on the shape and size of the resulting pieces will depend on the final appearance of the lampshade.

For convenience, you can take a stand for the ball.

Spread some glue on the ball, stick the pieces of paper on top. Do not be afraid to leave gaps — light will seep through them. Top also grease the paper with glue.

Repeat the procedure three times (apply three layers of paper to the entire surface of the ball). Let it dry.

Step 3 - create a lamp shade

Pierce the balloon. It will easily move away from home glue. To make sure that the structure does not break, take a long needle and run it across the area between the paper and the ball.

Strengthen the edges with ordinary PVA glue or household glue if it still remains.

It remains only to put on a new lampshade on an old lamp or an assembled construction of a plug, a cartridge, a switch and a light bulb.

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