The holiday of autumn - the script in the kindergarten for the younger group. Scenario Autumn Festival for the preparatory and senior groups of the kindergarten


For the Autumn Festival, the script in kindergarten is prepared in advance, taking into account the age characteristics of children and the level of their artistic development. For the younger group choose simple, not too long productions with the participation of characters understandable for kids (animals, fairy tale characters, fruits, vegetables, etc.). In the preparatory and senior groups, the program necessarily includes outdoor games, contests and riddles about the golden autumn and the natural changes associated with the onset of this season. All participants of the show must be encouraged with small gifts,improvised awards ("For the best poem", "For the most beautiful costume", "For the most fun dance", etc.), bright, colorful cards and tasty prizes. The event ends with a final song and a thematic photo session with children, main characters, educators and parents.

Autumn Festival - a scenario in kindergarten for different ages

When developing the script for the Autumn Festival for kindergarten, it is necessary to take into account the age and level of development of the participants. A very simple matinee with a clear program that does not require memorization of a large amount of text is suitable for the younger group. To spend such holidays is better than a teacher. It will be easier for babies to perform on stage, constantly feeling the support of their beloved mentor. Well, if someone suddenly gets off or accidentally forgets the words, the teacher will quickly orient and help the child get out of an awkward situation. The holiday will go on as usual, and none of the guests will notice the random overlay.


For medium groups choose more complex scenarios. The program includes solo and choral songs on the autumn theme, perky, vigorous dances and poems.This gives the boys and girls a great opportunity to demonstrate their creative abilities to their parents and guests.


In the senior groups the morning performance is made up of two sections. In the first - the so-called, official - the guys recite beautiful poems from several verses, they show short sketches about the fall and read the audience funny humoresks. The second part is devoted to quizzes, games and contests, where guys, as a team or independently, answer thematic questions, solve riddles and compete with each other in simple competitions (collect leaves for speed, open the greatest number of umbrellas in 1 minute, count apples in baskets and so forth). These simple tasks allow future students to consolidate elementary concepts of account, to show dexterity and show skill. At the end of the holiday, you can celebrate the winners and reward the most fortunate special marks of distinction, previously made by the children themselves in practical work classes.

Autumn Festival - junior group scenario "Autumn Meetings"


Why do so many tutors choose the “Autumn Meetings” scenario for the younger group of the kindergarten for the Autumn Festival? The answer is very simple. The program has several undeniable advantages: it does not last too long, does not tire the children and contains several interesting, simple games in which children get the opportunity to win pleasant incentive prizes.

For the event, the hall is decorated with garlands of maple leaves, dry bouquets, baskets of vegetables and fruits, welcoming posters and colorful drawings. Children don’t sew costumes, but simply decorate their elegant clothes with elements of autumn paraphernalia. The role of the lead and the main characters (Bear, Mushroom, Rain, Autumn) is assumed by adults (educators, parents). Children simply participate in the program: short quatrains sing, dance, play, and recite aloud.

The morning show begins. She announces the start of the holiday and invites the little ones to take their seats on the stage with calm music. After the introduction, the children choir to the accompaniment of a piano or an accordion sings the song Leaflet (lyrics by E. Makshantseva, music by A. Filippenko).Then two boys and a girl read joyful and optimistic poems about autumn, and the host invites you to the Bear Hall. Children get acquainted with the forest dweller, greet him at the festival and enjoy playing the game "Collect the cones" with pleasure. The kid who in 1 minute will be able to put in his basket the maximum number of spruce cones scattered on the floor in the hall wins.


Then the tired Bear falls asleep under a tree, and the children try to wake him up with their vigorous and optimistic performances and song. The forest beast shows discontent and tries to catch the little ones (run away from the bear game), but it doesn’t work. Tired, he bows to all those present and, under heavy applause, goes into the forest to fall into hibernation.

Then in a hall cheerful, fast music sounds and the Rain appears. The children hide under the trees and in verse ask the Rain to stop. The moderator reports that now it's time to go to the forest and see how many mushrooms have grown there. The guys take the baskets and go for the harvest, incidentally getting acquainted with the most important forest Mushroom. He allows children to recruit natural gifts, but only in exchange for songs and dances.At the end, Golden Autumn comes to the hall, thanks the kids for good performances, awards prizes, souvenirs and fresh, ripe apples. Under the final, children, the main characters and educators perform a beautiful song about friendship and the matinee ends with a general photo shoot for memory.

Autumn holiday in the preparatory group - scenario "Forest Fair"


The Forest Fair scenario is ideal for holding the Autumn Festival in the preparatory group. Taking part in this bright, colorful event, children develop aesthetic taste, a sense of collectivism and goodwill, enrich the artistic ideas about the fall and learn, not hesitating, to speak in public.

The role of the leader is assigned to the teacher or one of the parents. Embody the image of the Golden Autumn at the festival provide an active girl with good diction and a clear voice. For her, they are sure to sew a carnival costume in yellow shades, and a wreath of freshly picked maple leaves is put on her head. Forest Bear, Hare and Wolf are the boys of the group. Costumes are also required for them (you can buy or rent at a festive event agency).

The program itself has no clear boundaries. It can be filled with verses, songs, dances and humorous mini-scenes in accordance with their own tastes and the level of artistic and creative development of children. As the games fit, such as "Gather a bouquet of leaves," "Bring carrot to a hare," "Guess what's in the basket," etc. And to encourage the most active participants need sweets, chocolate bars, apples and small souvenirs. Then the pleasure of the event will increase significantly.

Autumn Festival in the senior group - script with Baba-Yaga "Autumn Adventures"

For the Autumn Festival, in the older group of the kindergarten, a more complex, dramatized scenario is being chosen, for example, the version “Autumn Adventures” with the participation of Baba Yaga - a traditional character of Russian folklore. For the younger group, such a subject is not very suitable, as the kids may simply be frightened by an unusual fairy tale character and the triumph will be spoiled by tears, stress and unpleasant emotions. But more mature children (preparatory group and older) will be very curious to see next to a cunning heroine of numerous Slavic tenets,arrived at the children's holiday in a mortar and broomstick. This role is usually assigned to a teacher, one of the parents or a guest animator.

Some pedagogical groups approach the holiday creatively and play a performance in which the insidious Baba Yaga abducts the beautiful Golden Autumn and hides it from everyone in the furthest room of his hut on chicken legs. To return the Autumn to the holiday, the boys and girls from the older group go to the forest and try to rescue the prisoner. Baba Yaga agrees to let go of the golden-haired beauty, but only in exchange for a full-fledged concert. And here children need to demonstrate vividly all their artistic talents: the ability to read poetry, sing beautifully and dance incendiary. The forest sorceress, delighted with such an extensive cultural program, not only returns Autumn freedom, but also treats small artists with fruits, berries and sweets, and then she starts dancing with them.

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