At first glance, this is an ordinary house, but if you bypass it ...

At first glance, this house is nothing special: the usual two-story brick facade with a balcony, supported by columns.

But if you go around the building from the back side, it turns out that there are no other walls, and instead a huge earthen hill is poured.

This unusual building was designed in 2006 in Clinton (Maryland, USA) by Formworks Buildings Inc., which specializes in the construction of environmentally friendly houses, partially or completely hidden under a layer of earth.

This energy efficient mansion can withstand almost any weather. From above it is covered with a meter layer of earth, and on the sides the layer thickness reaches 7.5 meters, which provides excellent insulation.

On the living area of ​​300 square meters there are three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and utility rooms. On the side there is a garage for two cars.

The only disadvantage of such a home is that the owners call the lack of natural lighting, but this inconvenience is more than covered by other advantages of the “earth house”.

The monthly payment for heating and other utilities is only $ 150, which is 90 percent less than the cost of the same services in other homes. Thanks to a comfortable microclimate, it is warm in such a house in winter and cool in summer.

House from a height can not be distinguished from a simple hill.

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