Arched and hanging hangars - what is their difference

Modern pre-fabricated technologies allow you to build hangars of almost any size and purpose.Depending on the building needs, the type of structure is selected.


If the size of the hangar is small and the load on the frame during operation will be minimal, you can order the simplest and most inexpensive type of hangar - balochnik. Of all the existing hangars, the beam is the most optimal option in terms of both monetary and time costs.

The entire production cycle of such a hangar, including design and installation, takes about 1 to 3 weeks. The barman is suitable for organizing temporary warehouses and warehouses, facilities for the storage and repair of equipment, trade pavilions and summer cafes.

At the heart of the structure is a frame made of a pipe of round or rectangular cross-section. The parts are assembled using a bolted connection, so that the hangar can be dismantled at any time.All metal elements are subject to anti-corrosion treatment, which greatly prolongs the life of the structure.

In the role of the enclosing structure is a canopy, which is attached to the frame of the building. PVC fabric is one of the most popular materials in construction, because along with its main positive side - low cost, it has other advantages. Moisture resistant, non-flammable, strong and durable, PVC membrane has been serving for at least 10 years and does not need special care.

Arched Hangar

Arched hangars are more reliable than beam, but they also allow buildings of much larger size. Undoubtedly, this affects the cost, which, as a rule, increases several times, but arched hangars are able to withstand any wind and snow loads, are more stable and durable.

In the production of both types of hangars, the same materials are used, only the supporting structure has a difference. When building an arched hangar, trusses are used that are able to withstand enormous loads, while beams have significant limitations in this regard.

Both types of buildings can be performed in both cold and warm versions. The second may be needed if the operation of the hangar is planned both in summer and in winter.

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