Arbor of plastic bottles with their own hands - photos, how to make

Arbor from plastic bottles

Arbor from plastic bottles

Arbor, you can decorate the area near the cottage or house. To buy a gazebo ready, you will have to pay a lot of money, but all gardeners want to have this cozy structure. We recommend to build such an arbor with your own hands, using ordinary plastic bottles. This is a very economical, unique and original version, which will be the ideal solution for you to use them.


In order to create such an arbor, you will need to collect plastic bottles of the same size in a sufficiently large quantity. After all, the design must be large, so for its construction it is best to use large plastic bottles, with a volume of one and a half to two liters. To start work, preliminary preparation of bottles, removal of labels from them, washing and drying are necessary.


To build a gazebo for the garden, you will need not only plastic bottles, but also a few sheets of thin plywood and wire. It will be more convenient to work with sharp large scissors or a sharp knife. For example, for the construction of gazebos you can purchase the so-called construction wallpaper knife. The blade of the wallpaper knife can become dull during work, therefore the protruding fragment can be broken off with pliers, so that the knife again becomes perfectly sharp.


Master class, the first stage: the production of "logs" of plastic bottles


In order to make an arbor from large plastic bottles, first create so-called "logs", which will become the main building material. To construct one log, each bottle will have to cut the bottom and insert them into each other.


At the junctions it is necessary to squash the bottles tightly using a wide transparent adhesive tape. Consequently, the design will be quite durable and even reliable.


Now we will answer the question of how to make a gazebo out of fairly light plastic bottles that are heavy so that it becomes resistant. To do this, in the bottom row of bottles should be poured to the top of clean dry sand or small pebbles.Now you will not have to fear that the first gust of wind will blow away your beautiful structure.


Stage Two: we build walls for the gazebo


Having made logs from large plastic bottles with your own hands, you can begin directly the construction of an arbor for summer cottage. Here there are a variety of options (see photo). The easiest of them, when the "logs" set in rows, and for bonding between themselves using a thin wire.


Arbor from plastic bottles


Stage Three: we build the roof of the arbor


For the manufacture of roof for gazebos, you can use any available material. You can buy a thick cardboard, plywood, fiberboard. The material must be pre-impregnated using water-repellent materials. It is very important for the roof of the gazebo that it weighs a little, because it is made of the thinnest and lightest materials.


In order for the roof of the arbor, made of plastic bottles, to have a decorative look, roof tiles are used to cover it. This tile is also made of plastic bottles. This is a very simple job that does not cause difficulties for anyone. Thin wires are also used to fasten tiles to the surface of the roof.


Fourth stage: planting palm trees from plastic bottles


This arbor of plastic bottles is called the "African house." Now plant a palm tree around the pergola. These will also be products from plastic bottles. How to do it, show your imagination or use the ready-made options in a photo or video. This cute design, which you will build with your own hands, will become a wonderful decoration of your summer residence.

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