Ankle boots instead of sandals, or Why seasonality in shoes disappears

Where to find suitable ankle boots or half boots for summer?

To begin with, the choice of closed shoes for summer will be much broader than for the cold season: the weather conditions are now clearly more favorable than at the end of November, so you can not bother with the heel height, color and shoe material. Although not, the last for summer shoes is a key criterion. In natural leather or suede, your legs will feel more comfortable in any season, so you should definitely pay attention to the composition of the top.

Massimo Dutti Ankle Boots

Booties Massimo Dutti (10 990 rub.)

Genuine leather low boots

A huge plus of this model is the non-defective composition made of genuine leather both in the base and on the insole, and, of course, the look like the shoes of this star street style on the weeks of fashion.

 Uterque Ankle Boots

Uterque Ankle Boots (13 490 rub.)

Printed Ankle Boots

When still walking on the city streets such beautyhow not in the summer? For the sake of this pair, you can refuse to buy a pair of sandals and sandals in favor of the effect produced - comments in the direction of these ankle boots will release absolutely everything.

 Topshop Ankle Boots

Topshop Ankle Boots (£ 99)

Semi-boots made of fabric

Zara designers most likely copied the idea with Chanel toe socks, although the origin of the source of inspiration is not so important, because the result was spectacular. This couple wants to fit into a mischievous image for a summer party - with an indecently short but simple dress or a skirt with sequins.

Zara low boots

Zara semi-boots (3 599 rubles)

Open ankle boots

Festival classics, which you can’t guess to put on the list of autumn shoes (except when it comes to the first days of September). The best time for these perforated shoe boots is summer with flowers dresses, fringe shorts and picnics with music in the parks.

Jeffrey Campbell Ankle Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Ankle Boots (12 379 rub.)

What can I wear ankle boots with ankle boots in summer?

With things that are absolutely not summer-looking

Strangely enough, but while mini-skirts are made of material resembling natural fur, and tops - out of thin jersey, which is able to "breathe" in the heat even better than polyester T-shirt, the botilion always has a warm company for the summer.

 Street style

With home clothes

Dresses-combinations still cause doubts about their belonging to street clothes, especially if the fabric is thin, and the bra is missing. The presence of a jacket or jackets on top and ankle boots can dramatically improve the situation.

Street style

With overly romantic dresses

In the absence of a khaki jacket, this snow-white dress can actually pass for a budget wedding dress. But if you are not preparing for the wedding yet, and the dress seems cloyingly feminine, then it is ankle boots and a military jacket that will give it a completely different look.

Street style

With short shorts

The good old trick, which fashion magazines love so much, is perfectly done in this image: both shorts and ankle boots with small heels are matched to the skin color, which allows (voila!) To visually lengthen the legs.

Street style

With layered clothing

Verbosity perfectly serves for those very days when everything is as unclear as possible with the weather and you have to adapt to its whims with the help of additional “layers” of clothing and practical accessories like scarves-stoles. The choice of closed shoes in this case looks more than logical and justified.

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