Angelina Jolie accused Brad Pitt of not paying alimony

To increase the chances of winning a mother of many children, Angie's lawyers accused Brad ... of non-payment of alimony! “The status of the actor is estimated at $ 240 million, but he has never provided substantial support to the former spouse who brings up six children,” said a source. “If he refuses to do this voluntarily, he will be forced to do it through the courts.”

About what exactly is the sum in question, in the appeal, which was filed in the Supreme Court of Los Angeles, is not specified. Brad has not commented on the accusation, but the friends of the actor, who are tired of how his name rinse in the tabloids, assured that this is not true. “In a year and a half, Brad paid Angelina a much larger amount of money than she can count on,” they said. - It's about millions! Brad fulfills all his obligations to children, but the former spouse continues to put sticks in his wheels. ”

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