An idea that demonstrates a completely new approach to patchwork technology.

Children love to play on the floor. To save the little ones from the cold, you can sew a soft and cozy thing that is so comfortable to lie on. And adults will also appreciate this idea. This thing demonstrates a completely new approach to patchwork technology. Indeed, in this case several different layers of fabric are used.

The author of the idea. She posted the idea of ​​creating a blanket in her blog, where she shares with users interesting master classes in needlework and sewing. In the detailed video tutorial, the girl describes step by step the process of creating this original thing.

The number of layers is calculated depending on the purpose of the blanket. If you need a blanket, which is convenient to hide the child in the stroller, it is better to make things smaller. But the game pad on the floor is better to make from a larger number of layers. The tops of the cubes should be larger than the base from the bottom, since the parts need to be filled with filler.

Making folds, you need to make sure that they all have one direction, so the blanket will turn out even. Audra sews each small pillow separately, stuffing it with filler. Then sews the pads together in a flat strip. Then the strips are sewn to each other in layers. In the work of Audra, the colors of the fabric alternate in such a way that diagonal strips of pads of one color are obtained. The final stage - framing the canvas of the pillows with a flat edge. The blanket is ready! Keep warm with the whole family or make a gift to your friends for the New Year.

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