All you need to know about cytomegalovirus in pregnant women

All you need to know about cytomegalovirus in pregnant womenCytomegalovirus fits perfectly into the genus of herpesviruses. At the present time, this is a fairly common infection. Like other viruses, cytomegalovirus is carefully hidden in the human body, trying not to give himself anything.
Signs and symptoms of its presence in the body can be felt only by people with a weakened immune system, it is in this risk group that pregnant women fall.
Literally, the name of the virus translates as "huge cell." After the virus enters the body, normal cells begin to actively grow in size, are recruited by fluid, their structure is destroyed.

How can I get cytomegalovirus during pregnancy?

There are several ways to infect:

  • the most common is sexual;
  • household method of infection. In this case, pregnant with cytomegalovirus can be infected only if it is in the active phase.The infection can be transmitted through the use of one toothbrush, with a kiss or even through utensils;
  • blood transfusion path - through the procedure of blood transfusion of donor blood, egg transplantation, or even the introduction of sperm.
  • It is worth noting that it is quite possible infection of a cytomegalovirus and a child still in the womb, during childbirth, or during breastfeeding.

All you need to know about cytomegalovirus in pregnant women
The virus can be in the blood, urine, saliva, breast milk, semen, it is this ability that causes many ways of infection.

Cytomegalovirus in pregnant women: symptoms

An infection can stay in the body for a long time and not manifest itself in any way. She is waiting for the right moment when the immune system will slack.
Most often, cytomegalovirus in pregnant women appears as the common cold: there is weakness, fever, runny nose, frequent headaches and an increase in the salivary glands. That is why women are in no hurry to run to the hospital, thinking that all this is not serious and you just need to adhere to bed rest for a few days.
The main difference between cytomegalovirus infection and SARS is that its manifestation lasts much longer than the common cold - from 5 weeks.All you need to know about cytomegalovirus in pregnant women

Cytomegalovirus during pregnancy: what is the danger

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most dangerous, both for the mother and for the baby. Through the placenta, the fetus can become infected with a virus, which in the future can lead to its death.
In the event that the infection was infected later, it is quite possible that the pregnancy will not be interrupted, but then cytomegalovirus will affect the internal organs of the fetus, which leads to the pathology and ugliness of the baby.
But not everything is as terrible as it might seem at first glance. Terrible consequences can be avoided if time to conduct a survey and detect the virus in the early stages of its development. Therefore, it is worthwhile to plan in advance the birth of the baby, the expectant mother should prepare, undergo the necessary medical examination - and then a small miracle will be born healthy. And with the proper treatment of cytomegalovirus during pregnancy, a child can simply find himself carrying a sleeping virus that will not threaten his life and healthAll you need to know about cytomegalovirus in pregnant women

Treatment of cytomegalovirus infection in pregnant women

At this stage, medicine has not yet come up with a drug that completely and forever would rid the body of cytomegalovirus infection.The whole essence of the treatment is reduced to only one thing - to keep the virus in a "dormant" state, when it is not capable of doing harm.
If a pregnant woman has a cytomegalovirus, which is in a "dormant" state, she is prescribed a course of vitamins to maintain and strengthen the immune system. It is possible to call this prevention from the virus.
If the ailment is active enough, there is nothing left for the doctors, how to attribute antiviral drugs, since in such a situation the vitamins will already be useless and ineffective. The goal of treating cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy is to avoid complications. This course will allow future mothers to bear and give birth to a healthy baby.All you need to know about cytomegalovirus in pregnant women
REMEMBER !!! Cytomegalovirus infection does not tolerate self-treatment! Necessary medicines can be prescribed only by a qualified doctor. In order to give birth to a healthy baby, you need to perform all medical appointments flawlessly.

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