All on the palm: the smallest child was born in Britain

Doctors have not yet had to care for such a tiny baby.

Little Theo Taylor was born on the 26th week of pregnancy. Just think, 14 weeks ahead of time! The tiny man weighed only 340 grams. This is less than a can of cola. Baby completely fit on the palm.

Doctors had to do his mom emergency caesarean. The fetus ceased to grow in the womb. And doctors suggested that Katie Rhodes, Teo's mother, have an abortion on medical grounds. Katie refused - because the child was alive, he was already fully formed!

340 grams is a two week kitten
Photo: GettyImages

The 24-year-old woman told me later that it was very difficult to move it all over.

“The doctors all the time said that Theo is still very early to be born. That he has almost no chance. It was very hard to hear and understand that it is unlikely that we will be able to take Theo home, ”recalls Katie.

Katie's husband, 27-year-old Jay, tried to support his wife.He kept telling her that everything would be fine. Jay really believed it. Until I saw my newborn son.

“I have never seen such small children. I could not even imagine that children could be so tiny. Only when I first saw him did I understand how serious it is. I was very scared. After all, I could lose my little boy, ”he says.

In this photo, Theo is already 12 weeks old. It weighs less than two kilograms.

A plump pink baby, crying out all the neighborhoods - no, Theo didn’t look like that at all. Red, with a thin shiny skin, through which the bones seemed to be visible, a serious little face. He didn’t have the strength to shout - he couldn’t even open his eyes. But the parents were determined: their son has already come such a long way, we must give him a chance.

“We fought for our baby,” they say in conversation with. Struggled, despite the fact that things were even worse than doctors thought. After all, they did not expect the baby to be so small. The research results said that it would still be slightly more than 340 grams. And then - almost a kitten.

24 days have passed since that day.Theo is alive and, fortunately, healthy. He had already left the hospital and went home with his mom and dad. Now he is rapidly catching up with his peers in height, delighting parents.

“He is a real fighter. Now everything will be fine, ”Katie and Jay are confident.

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