Actual colors of varnishes in 2016

Every season, all the fair sex, who follow the fashionable novelties of the beauty industry, are interested in the current and fashionable colors of nail polishes. It seems to be such a trifle, but how much depends on a beautiful manicure, which will allow you to decorate your pens with the latest fashion!

To find out what nail polishes in 2016 will be considered the most fashionable and popular, you need to ask for help from the shows on world catwalks, on which all the basic rules of the coming season are dictated.

And I must say that the opinions of the experts on this score differed, because the models were adorned with the most varied manicure variations - starting from the classic French, ending with outrageous dark blue, metal and gold patterns. But even among them you can choose the most popular shades. What kind? We read further.

Trendy colors of varnishes 2016

  • Nude For several seasons, the natural shades of natural shades continue to be used, which give the female marigold naturalness and refinement: bodily, milky, transparent and powdery tones.
  • Gamma blue.A special squeak of the season will be "cobalt blue" - rich and bright. It can be combined with other shades of blue, green or white.
  • Metallic. Once forgotten, for several years now it has been conquering fashion podiums again - silver gloss, matte gray and so on.
  • Gold. Always festive, a little pompous and even glamorous, golden lacquer was always liked by young girls. With it, the nails literally shine, and the manicure always turns out bright and with pleasant notes of chic.
  • Red. In particular, two tones can be noted - “Bordeaux” and “Sangria”. Perhaps this color will never go out of fashion, like most of its deep shades, emphasizing the beauty of women's hands.
  • Emerald. By the way, besides him, the popularity of “field sage” (with light silver-colored) and the shade of “withered grass” are gaining in popularity. I must say that the last option is for courageous girls who have a positive attitude to the style of “military”.
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