Simple flasher on one transistor

There is a strong need to make the LED blink to enhance the attention of the person to the signal. But to make a complex scheme simply does not have time and space for the placement of radio elements. I'll show you a scheme of only three that will make the LED blink.
Simple flasher on one transistor
The circuit works well from 12 volts, which should be interesting for motorists. If you take the full range of supply voltage, it lies within 9-20 volts. So this device can find mass.
Simple flasher on one transistor
This is truly a super simple circuit to ensure the LED is blinking. Of course, there is a large electrolytic capacitor in the circuit, which can steal a lot of space, but this problem can be simply solved by using modern elemental base,type SMD capacitor. Simple flasher on one transistor
Please note that the base of the transistor hangs in the air. This is not an error, but a circuit design. The base is not used, as the work uses the reverse conductivity of the transistor.Simple flasher on one transistorA simple flasher on one transistor Such a flasher can be assembled by mounting for about fifteen minutes. Put on a heat shrink tube and blow a heat gun. And now you have a flashing LED generator. The blink rate can be changed by increasing or decreasing the capacitor capacitance. The circuit does not need to be set up and works right away if the circuit elements are in good order. The flasher is very economical in operation, reliable and unpretentious.

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