A gentle and beautiful wedding in the style of a shebbie chic (9 photos)

Recently, the stylization of a wedding celebration is especially popular, because you want to make the most important and exciting day of your life unique, one from which even after 20, 30, 50 years would take your breath away, and your heart began to beat faster.

All gentle, romantic and sophisticated natures will suit the style that will add a special mood to the triumph, and call it “chebbi-chic” or “Shabby chic”.

Sweet table

“Shabby shine” or “chic” is the main point and, importantly, direct translation of the name from English, it is impossible to confuse it with something, because the refined beauty of this fashionable trend literally captivates and immerses into the atmosphere of some old, but very sweet tale.

What is a chebbi chic wedding? This is a mixture of elegant, refined and good classics, which, however, from the time slightly aged and decayed, but this did not become less interesting, beautiful and amazing.

Rather, on the contrary, the careless elements of antiquity, which no one tried to hide, frame it and cover it with a slight “touch” of sincerity and simplicity.


That is why Shabby-chic will be able to please only true connoisseurs of the beautiful, those who are not afraid of the “temporary prints” inherent in this style, but on the contrary, strive to create a special sense of the romance of past years.

The chebbi-chic style originated relatively recently, in the 80s of the last century and, to a greater extent, was the style in the decor. His ancestor Rachel Ashwell began by buying old interior items and furniture at flea markets, and then she was taken to restore and transform, seeking to create a “light effect of time”.

She scrubbed the old paint and then painted the furniture white and its shades, decorated it with covers of white textiles, and then decorated her own house with objects of her creativity.

Over time, Rachel opened her first store and gave him an interesting name - "Shabby chic", which, in consequence, and fixed as a name. Most recently, this term was used exclusively in the field of interior design, but today it has already received a broader interpretation.

Where to hold a wedding in the style of chebbi chic?

All those who decide to decorate their triumph in this style,a reasonable question immediately arises: where is it possible to hold such a unique and amazing celebration? Ordinary restaurant or get-togethers at home here certainly will not get along.

There should be a lot of hand decorations.

An ideal place would be a large and spacious country house, on the summer lawn of which you can set up a large tent. Also, a large and bright banquet room is perfect for a banquet, preferably with large windows and walls of delicate (ideally white) shades.

Remember that chebbi-chic is not just a few decorative elements that can be scattered around the hall and get the right direction of stylization. In fact, it is a laborious and lengthy process of creating a complete and complete image, where each of the many details must fully meet all the main points of the chosen style.

Floristics is obligatory

What to hide, a wedding in this style will require considerable financial costs from you, because it is characterized by a large number of hand-made elements, the qualitative variations of which cannot be cheap!

In the interior there should be a special design: wooden or artificially aged furniture, in extreme cases, white textile covers fit, pastel, light and powdery colors are welcome.

Floristics and color solutions

Remember, there should not be any contrast here, the whole action seems to be sprinkled with a light tint of powder, namely the color gamut plays a decisive role in the style of shebbi-chic.

The main secret is in a skillful combination of shades: pink, white and cream, tender and sky blue, peach, lavender and mint.

There is a wonderful advice that helps you choose your defining wedding color in a chebbi-chic style: mix white with any other color, play with shades and you will surely find something of your own: delicate and unique. The same applies to the wedding floristics and the bride's bouquet: the flowers should fully correspond to the color scheme of the celebration.

The most suitable option for such a celebration is the “David Austin” roses or gentle peonies. Ranuncules, hydrangea, dahlias and gypsophila are also suitable, without a single bridal bouquet in the style of shebby-chic.

Sophisticated style

These flowers are able to convey the whole idea of ​​elegance and easy negligence, which are so inherent in this direction. The leg of the bouquet can be decorated with lace, a smooth satin, velvet ribbons or an interesting brooch with vintage elements will do.

Additional decor and printing

A wedding in this style begins with trifles, namely, with the invitation: it is they, first of all, who must be executed in compliance with all the canons of “chic” of the 80s.

They can be made by hand, for this purpose it is enough to use design cardboard, aged paper, kraft paper, sheets with printed decor on the machine or paper with pastoral ornamentation.


Also you can come to the aid curly punchers, thin ribbons, paper scotch, beads, pebbles and other necessary materials for needlework.

It is important to pay attention to literally every detail: if it is a car, then it is preferable to have some vintage Cadillac decorated with delicate flowers and ribbons.

Take care of good music, it is not necessary greetings from the 80s, as long as it meets the basic concept of the holiday: elegance, style and tenderness. Usually suitable light instrumental tracks or DJs are replaced by live musicians.

Pink color fits

Do not forget about the main decor of the room: it should be literally filled with miniature and rather large elements of that era: vintage candlesticks and caskets, birdcages,aged photo frames, vases, artificially aged dressers, elegant floral tea sets, clocks, small candy bowls, mirrors, old decorations and figurines.

Delicate bouquet

The surface of these things should follow the name of the style, and, therefore, should be slightly worn, somewhere faded or cracked. In the elements of the interior will be appropriate moldings and bas-reliefs, as well as heavy, but elegant, frames for paintings or mirrors.

However, as the founder of this style herself says, things do not have to look worn out, as long as it is possible to read by their appearance that they have their own history.

Bride and groom

The image of the bride and groom is given special attention. The most common option for a dress is A-style or loose flowing fabrics, preferably natural, abundant use of lace, the image can be complemented by brooches, vintage ornaments, a lace umbrella, a cameo around the neck and elegant short gloves.

All in a classic style

The suit of the groom must be light colors, for example, blue, gray or beige. Most often, instead of a jacket, a vest is used, and instead of a tie - an elegant butterfly.

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