A few tips for putting things in order in a car without using household chemicals

The machine for many becomes the second home. And that means cleaning is needed here! That's only in a confined space is very dangerous to use aggressive household chemicals. After all, you have to constantly inhale these fumes. But there is a solution: use folk cleaning methods.

Easy to clean mats

Mix soda with vinegar and put this mixture on the mat from the car. Rub the mixture well into the pile with a stiff brush. Wait for drying, and then remove the remaining soda with a vacuum cleaner. Rugs will be like new.

Remove stains from seat upholstery

Mix warm water, vinegar, soda, and some dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. Spray the product on the upholstery. Make sure that the fluid is not too much, otherwise the machine will be damp. Remove dirt with a clean towel. Fresh stains are well removed with wet wipes.

Clean out hard to reach places

Use special brushes for decoupage. They are made of dense foam rubber. Buy these can be in the store for creativity. You can easily clean dust and dirt from all parts of the cabin.

Polish headlights

Apply a thick layer of toothpaste to the glass. Clean the surface thoroughly with a brush. Wash away the pasta and enjoy the light of clean headlights.

Get rid of fogging windows

The reason for this phenomenon is the increased humidity in the cabin. Fill a clean cotton sock with rice, tie a rubber band and place it under the seat. The rice will absorb excess moisture and the glass will remain clean.

Safe air freshener

Unfortunately, sometimes in the car there is an unpleasant smell. But if you understand the composition of the standard freshener, you will understand that using it is not the best solution. Harmful substances can cause serious damage to the respiratory and nervous system. Put soda in a jar and add 5-10 drops of any essential oil to it. Instead of a cover, use cotton fabric, secured with an elastic band. Put the jar in the shelf in the door.

Discard the liquid for washing windows

Instead, use regular vinegar.Fill it in a spray bottle and spray it on the glass. Wipe the windows with a crumpled newspaper. And do not need any washing!

Remove wool from upholstery

If you drove in a pet car, you know how difficult it is to clean the seats of the wool. Spray water on the upholstery and clean them with a window scraper.

Tidy leather seats

You come to the aid of olive oil. You should not choose expensive varieties - it is better to take the second spin oil. The oil will make the skin shine and protect against subsequent impurities.

Order in the trunk

Grate laundry soap. Add borax (sodium boric acid) and warm water to the mass. Rub the composition into the surface of the trunk and let it dry. Flush does not need anything. The trunk will be much cleaner.

Save janitors from freezing

Wipers stuck to the glass are not fun at all. You can hardly do something with the frost, so you have to warm your car. Like a person, soft socks will help here. Put them on the wipers, and remove before starting the trip. Night frosts will not take you by surprise!

Self-made tool for freezing windows

It is not necessary to buy “non-freezing”, because it is very easy to make. On a canister of water, take half a glass of ammonia and a spoonful of liquid soap.Pour into an antifreeze container and enjoy the result.

Make homemade wet wipes for cleaning

Put a roll of paper towels into the plastic container, cutting off the excess part. You can use multi-layer toilet paper. Now you need to make an impregnation. Mix a glass of water with half a glass of baby oil, a spoon of white vinegar and 10 drops of essential oil. Pour the mixture evenly onto the roll. Remove the bushing and use your wipes to clean the machine.

Easily remove traces of insects

In summer, beetles and midges leave spots on the glasses. You do not need to completely wash the windows. Apply on the glass a little spray against burning and wipe with a dry cloth. The windows will be clean without washing.

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