A bouquet of flowers from napkins

An original and pleasant gift can be a beautiful bouquet made with your own hands from absolutely ordinary paper napkins. Choose the napkin color and size as desired. In this case, it will be yellow flowers with green leaves in a ready-made basket. View of the basket.
View of the basket
Instead of a basket, you can use an ordinary plastic flowerpot or any other vase that is not used for its intended purpose. 1. Blow an ordinary balloon to the size you need. Dilute the PVA glue with water (about 1 teaspoon of glue on the floor of a glass of water). Omit the napkins in the resulting solution and paste over the balloon. The more layers, the stronger will be a bouquet. The tail of the ball must be left free to subsequently pull it out.
 Inflate an ordinary balloon
2. While the ball is completely dry, there is a time to cut flowers and leaves.To do this, take a four-layer napkin and fold it in half, then again in half.
 napkin and fold it in half
 napkin and fold it in half
napkin and fold it in half
3. Cut a circle and make a lot of cuts along the edge. If you need a lush flower, the cuts must be made thinner and bowl. The leaves are cut in exactly the same way. The only difference is the larger diameter of the circle. Green can be much brighter. For example, the color is not rich enough.
 Cutting a circle
 Cut a circle
4. Further we spread a circle and in the middle we snap the stapler. If you plan to make a flower together with greenery, then immediately latch both circles: put green on the bottom, yellow on top.
 circle straightening
circle straightening

5.The next step is collecting the inflorescence. To do this, each layer of the napkin, starting from the top, is pressed against the center. Here the main thing is accuracy, since thin napkins can tear. Leaves can also be bent, but not necessarily. So the flowers will seem more lush.
 collection of inflorescence
 collection of inflorescences
The number of flowers depends on the size of the inflated ball. Do not be upset if there are a lot of flowers and it will seem to you that not everyone has enough space. They all fit easily. For this, the inflorescence should be pressed closer to the middle. If the colors turned out to be less, then on the contrary they should be more strongly spread and not glued tightly to each other or cut out additionally new ones. 6. When the napkins on the balloon are completely dry - gently blow off the balloon and remove it. If desired, you can paste several more layers of napkins into the place from which the ball was pulled, so that there is no hole. In this case, you will again have to wait until the napkins are completely dry. If the hole is small, you can leave it as it is. 7. With the help of super glue, glue the ball to the basket and begin to glue the flowers already prepared.It is necessary to start from the highest point of the ball and gradually descend to the bottom. Try not to press hard, so as not to push the ball, because there is a void inside. Of course, work on the bouquet can be continued. It can be decorated with beads, various satin ribbons. In this example, red glitters are applied in the center of the colors. To do this, apply a drop of glue with a thin brush, then sprinkle it with glitter with another brush. In the end, the bouquet will look like this.
 A bouquet of flowers from napkins
 A bouquet of flowers from napkins

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